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5 Great Ag Investment Properties

Land is an investment you, your family, and your friends can enjoy together for a lifetime. Couple recreational qualities and an already strong investment potential with an agricultural operation, and you can watch your property not only increase in value, but actually turn a profit producing cattle, hay, and other goods. The following five properties are some of our most promising investment opportunities, ranging from farms to cattle ranches to recreational properties with the necessary amenities to be productive agricultural operations.

Four Agricultural Properties for Sale

An agricultural property is an investment that will last you and your family for your lifetime and beyond. Coupling recreational amenities with revenue-producing cattle and farming operations, the following four properties offer value that many others cannot, offering both established agricultural operations with managers and staff as well as properties that are ready for you to come in and make your own. With an agricultural property, you will be able to enjoy hunting, fishing, and more on your land while being able to rest easy knowing it is also generating income.

Blackstone Foundation Extends Campus Entrepreneurship Program to Montana

Fay Ranches Broker Chuck Davison attended the event hosted by the Blackstone Group Foundation in Helena, MT at the Montana State Capitol last Friday. The Blackstone Group Foundation announced the expansion of their Blackstone LaunchPad program to Montana. During the event, they announced a grant of $2 million to expand the program to the campuses of Montana State University and the University of Montana.

The Annual Fay Ranches Retreat

Perched in Paradise Valley, the DePuy's Spring Creek was the perfect place to have our annual Fay Ranches Retreat. No wind and a day off with great friends are two things that never seem to link up in Livingston. However, last Friday all signs pointed to FISH! We also had a little photo contest, and have posted most of the pictures below. You can find the full gallery on our Fay Ranches Retreat Board at Pinterest. 

An Optimistic Ranch Real Estate Market?

With many things in the financial sector and federal government looking uncertain, one thing remains true: “Real estate is and always will be a quality long term investment”. Many ranch brokerage companies have reported record sales for 2012, supporting what appears to be a strengthening real estate market and an inviting time to invest. Interest rates are at all-time lows, and memories of the stock market's crash are still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, causing many buyer/investors to take advantage of a great buying opportunity, choosing to invest in farm and ranch real estate.