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Agricultural Lease Rates: A Guide to Estimating Income Potential for Landowners

If you are a farm or ranch owner but farming or ranching is not your trade, you are not alone. Landowner demographics in many parts of the West have shifted toward non-operators, particularly in recent decades. If you are a non-operating owner or prospective owner, evaluating your property’s income potential requires an understanding of agricultural lease rates.

Savvy Investors Look to Cattle Ranches

Buying a ranch is often the culmination of a lifelong dream for many of our clients. Carving out time to revel in the peace and solitude of sprawling acreage, as well as owning a unique place where unique memories are created in the outdoors are some of the top reasons that our clients come to us to connect them with the perfect ranch.

Introducing Land Investor Magazine

Fay Ranches and Republic Ranches are pleased to present to our valued clients and friends a complimentary subscription to Land Investor magazine. This beautiful publication features helpful articles on managing your land, how to buy a ranch, investing in timber, ranch life, and more. The magazine also features the exclusive listings from both of these powerhouse land brokerage companies.


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