Family Fly Fishing on Central Oregon Ranches

Last Saturday night, while fishing a beautiful Central Oregon ranch for catfish, my oldest daughter, Emma, (far left in photo) hooked the 7 lb carp in this picture. I wanted to let everyone know that not all trophy ranch brokers are just about fly fishing and chasing trout, steelhead, and exotic species of fish.  She was using the traditional worm fly and was able to land this fish on 4 lb test. Many ranch and farm properties have irrigation ponds which are great places to take young kids so they are catching and not just fishing.Family Fly Fishing on Oregon Ranches

The girls in the center of the photo had never fished let alone ride a four wheeler and spend time on a beautiful ranch with ducks, geese, and pelicans circling to land in the lake. We are proud of the many ranch and farm lands available in Oregon to take advantage of these opportunities.

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