Fall on the Gutierrez Cattle Ranch

This is a great time of year to be on the Gutierrez Cattle Ranch in Oregon. With the days still warm and sunny and the nights cooling off, the rancher's seasons are in transition. One of the most telling signs is the sound of bull elk bugling across the hills, more worried about that pretty cow elk on the other side of the meadow than the cowboy on his horse bringing the cattle home from the high country. There is still fall work to be done on the ranch but for most of the folks in this part of Oregon, this type of work is not a four letter word.

Seems like we barely got the New Year’s Eve confetti cleaned up before calving took off early in the spring. Moved right into the typical branding season, a time for neighbors in the valley to share labor and beers until the work is all done. Amidst the spring scurry, the Gutierrez Ranch installed another full pivot, adding an additional 240 irrigated acres to the 2400 already in production. Cool temps and rain kept summer at bay, and it showed in the growth of our hay fields, but all in all it turned out to be a decent year for production with just over 5,000 ton stacked for the coming winter months. Mother Nature made up for the decrease in hay this season with an abundant grass crop on the thousands of acres of grazing land. The calves are coming back home in great shape and hitting the scales at the 600 to 700 pound range.

As an investment, ranches offer the stability and productivity one can see, feel and trust. Just as you know the sun is going to rise in the east and set in the west, people are going to be eating worldwide, and seeking out the high quality beef we produce here.

Take a look at the Gutierrez Cattle Ranch - it is truly a special place. When you place your boots on the north side of the Crooked River, you most likely will not come across another boot track but your own on the 70,000 acres of secluded cow country that lies in front of you. And with that thought in mind, you might want to consider buying a horse!

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