Fisherwomen Have More Allure

Woman Fly fishing in Naples Florida"The wonderful warm and inviting Florida sun may warm our skin but Montana will always keep our hearts warm."

The Ladies at Fay Ranches jumped ship this winter to enjoy the warm Florida sun. Of course, you can't have a Fay crew go anywhere without spending the day fishing. We cruised the Gulf with our wonderful fishing guide, Capt. Joey D. We soon realized the Jack fish had us outnumbered but we were able to snag some impressive red snappers, sheepheads, spotted sea trout and of course a few pieces of coral. With mimosas in hand, we finished our fishing exertion watching the sunset on the beautiful beaches in Naples.

What Montana may lack in beaches and suntans, it more than makes up for in SPACE!!! We enjoyed cruising the streets and canals of Naples, appreciating the architecture so unique to the area and pondering the price attached to each “For Sale” sign we passed.  Yet even the most luxurious beachfront home with thousands of miles of wild, open ocean (or gulf waters, in this case) stretching beyond your front deck, still affords you neighbors ten feet away on three sides.  Neighbors can be a blessing in every way, but we couldn’t help but gain new appreciation for our lifestyle back in Montana, where your closest fellow human may be thirty miles away on any given Fay Ranches property.

People watching on the beach became another favorite activity during our stay – it was like watching peacocks when you are accustomed only to penguins.  And several of us ventured into the water to swim, finding it as temperate as any Rocky Mountain lake in mid-July.

After four days of warm sunshine, cold beverages, fresh seafood, soft sand, rejuvenating laughter ( and lots of texting home), a four a.m. departure time took us back to the airport for a delay-free flight home.  (Yes, Virginia – there IS a Santa Clause!) And, as often is true, coming home from vacation was even better than leaving. Packing away those bikinis and T-shirts for another five months was a bit sad, but when they come out again it will be to the glorious burst of summer in the Rocky Mountain West – a bird call, the first fawns, green spreading across the landscape like an algae bloom on the ocean – never to be taken for granted, and always a reminder of why we love HOME.







Fly fishing on the beach

Captain Jack and the ladies of Fay Ranches pose for a parting shot


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