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Blackstone Foundation Extends Campus Entrepreneurship Program to Montana

Fay Ranches Broker Chuck Davison attended the event hosted by the Blackstone Group Foundation in Helena, MT at the Montana State Capitol last Friday. The Blackstone Group Foundation announced the expansion of their Blackstone LaunchPad program to Montana. During the event, they announced a grant of $2 million to expand the program to the campuses of Montana State University and the University of Montana.

The Fay Family Goes Fishing

It was a beautiful day on the Double Drake Ranch down on the Ruby River. We cast a chubby Chernobyl to eager browns that were eating the bug consistently from noon until around 6pm. Everyone got in on the action catching fish, throwing sticks and skipping stones. The day was filled with ‘non-nintendo moments.’ The last thing I heard that night when I put the kids down was, “Thanks, Dad, that was so fun!”

Three Hunting Properties for Sale

This article provides a summary of three of our finest hunting ranches for sale. We know it can be difficult to find a hunting property that suits your varied needs, so we have collected these three properties in one place for easy browsing. If you don't find something you like here, you can always visit our hunting ranches for sale page, which offers everything from cattle operations that double as incredible hunting properties with diverse terrain, to purely recreational ranches, to hunting properties across 5 Northwest states. Take a look at the properties below, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:

Brown Valley Ranch Featured in Farm and Ranch West

The latest issue of Farm and Ranch West features an article by Doug Brown, owner of the Brown Valley Ranch, about growing up on the ranch and the legacy his father built there. By far one of the most touching stories we have featured on the Fay Ranches website, Doug's article chronicles his fond memories of his family and the journey they took to purchase and own a ranch.

You can read the full article in our press section.

Dome Mountain Ranch Featured in Mountain Outlaw Magazine

The Dome Mountain Ranch was recently featured in an article in Mountain Outlaw Magazine entitled Dome Mountain Ranch: A Vital Refuge on the Yellowstone River. The Dome Mountain Ranch has long been recognized as one of the most iconic hunting ranches in Montana, an excellent representation of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem worth preserving. To learn more, read the full press release here.

Fay Ranches represents the finest farms, ranches, and hunting properties for sale in Montana and the American West. Contact Us today to learn more, and start living the life you deserve.

B. Elfland Attends Mule Deer Foundation Banquet

B Elfland attended the Bridger Bucks chapter’s Mule Deer Foundation Banquet in Bozeman, MT. For 25 years, the Mule Deer Foundation has dedicated itself to ensuring the conservation of Mule Deer, Black-tailed deer and their habitat. Mule Deer are threatened by habitat encroachment, drought, predation and the expanding range of the Whitetail Deer throughout much of the Rocky Mountain west. Money raised by the Mule Deer Foundation is used to protect this iconic western animal, and Fay Ranches is proud to sponsor the Foundation and contribute to these conservation efforts.

Five Montana Ranches with Land for Sale

From the expansive Dome Mountain Ranch to the luxurious comforts and sprawling pastures of the Chief Joseph Ranch, the following five Montana ranches are some of the state's premier properties. All have different strengths and recreational attributes, but the one thing they have in common is land. Each of these properties features many acres of hunting property, fertile farm ground, or productive cattle land. Read on to learn more about these Montana ranches:


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