Conservation Easements

We work extensively with Conservation Easements. These easements are a useful tool for keeping family farms and ranches intact and avoiding subdivisions, which compromise the beauty of our rivers and the value of the surrounding land. Conservation Easements can also provide attractive tax benefits to the investor.

Conservation  easement with ranches

As defined by the Montana Land Reliance: A Conservation Easement is the "legal glue" that binds a landowner's good intentions to the land. Under the terms of a Conservation Easement, the landowner retains ownership of the land and is free to manage or sell the property and enhance agricultural productivity and wildlife habitat. The purpose of the Conservation Easement is to restrict unsuitable or irrevocable development. Conservation Easements are granted in perpetuity and run with the land regardless of ownership. Despite common features precluding subdivision and commercial development, each easement is tailored to the unique character of the land and the conservation desires of its owner.

A Conservation Easement fulfills different needs for different landowners. For one family, it may be the vehicle by which a farm or ranch is passed on to future generations. For another, it preserves the watershed of a prized trout stream or a wintering ground for elk. There is a story behind every Conservation Easement, but the underlying reason is the landowner's desire to preserve a special piece of land forever.

The donor of a Conservation Easement may be entitled to a reduction in income and/or estate taxes if it is determined that the easement meets Federal requirements as a charitable gift and if it is donated to a qualified organization. The size of the tax benefit is a function of the land and the restrictions of the easement and is determined by an independent appraiser.

Let's ensure the continued strength of your investment by working together to protect and enhance the reasons the Northern Rockies continue to be a favorite destination for sportsmen and women.