Snowy Mountain Retreat


This piece of property situated in Central Montana’s beautiful Snowy Mountains lives up to its name.  Its location gives it the seclusion and privacy of being far out in the country and provides access to the area’s recreational and commercial services at the same time.  There are no improvements on the property outside of a very nice 30’ x 40’ pole barn, opening the door to whatever you can imagine your hideaway to be.   

Flatwillow Creek runs through Snowy Mountain Retreat and several springs originate right on the property creating your own private fishery.   Lewistown’s Big Spring Creek is only a short drive away and is well known in the area for it’s ample fishing opportunities as well.

The hunting pursuits are as wide and varied as the fishing. Big game hunting opportunities abound throughout the Snowy Mountains.  Game numbers are very healthy in the area as attested by recent fish and game surveys.  Snowy  Mountain Retreat is just a short distance from the historic N Bar Ranch and harbors a large population of trophy class Bull Elk, Mule and Whitetail Deer, Bear, Turkey, Sharptail and Rough Grouse.

The Central Montana area is becoming well known for its tourist activities as well.  Chrystal Lake can be enjoyed year-round with the campground available for the summer month’s activities. From marked trails to roads accessible by foot and horseback, to exploring the massive ice caves near the lake, it is definitely something to see. Big Spring Trout Hatchery and the CM Russell Wildlife Refuge are also popular attractions.

The sheer beauty of the area and quality of outdoor activities it provides are key ingredients for the many years of enjoyment this property has to offer. Whether it is fishing, hunting, or just getting away for some mountain air, the Snowy Mountain Retreat is the place for you.