What We Stand For

Sporting Pursuits – at Fay Ranches, the outdoors is always calling and whether it's a time for bird hunting, fly fishing, big game hunting or just being outside with friends and family, these pursuits are a shared passion at Fay Ranches and contribute greatly to our ability to find our clients the perfect ranch. Even when we are not working we are “on the ground”, discovering and researching the ever-evolving market of the ranch and sporting properties business.

Family – our staff are not only avid outdoorsmen and women, they are also dedicated family men and women who love to recreate and build memories with their families. We understand the value of spending time in nature with your loved ones and the bond these shared experiences can create within the family. There's nothing better than helping find that perfect ranch for a valued client and then participating in or hearing about the wonderful experiences shared by family and friends on the property. This, in our opinion, is what life is all about.

Conservation – each ranch broker and staff member at Fay Ranches has a love of the land and a desire to see it remain as productive agricultural ground as well as quality fish and wildlife habitat. Through the use of conservation easements and thoughtful land stewardship, Fay Ranches has guided owners toward a legacy of conserving wide open spaces, enhancing and creating fisheries and wildlife habitat and implementing sustainable agricultural operations. Fay Ranches is proud to say that nearly 20 years later the landscape on which we work has been significantly enhanced by the conservation ethic and land use practices of our clients.

Ranch Value - Fay's experienced and knowledgeable staff and brokers is second to none when it comes to identifying value. We are immersed in the marketplace and are the first to hear of new opportunities. We listen to the goals of our clients and utilize our knowledge of the marketplace and our willingness to “beat the bushes” to find a ranch that reflects those goals. After any purchase Fay Ranches will assist owners in managing ownership costs and income without losing sight of the original goals.

Ranch ValueAt Fay Ranches, we continually search for ways to remain leaders in our industry and to more effectively communicate and execute the four pillars of the company's brand. Fay Ranches brings to bear the latest technologies relative to brokerage, ranch and land management for the benefit of our clients during the purchasing process as well as throughout the many years of ranch ownership. After all is said and done, we still hearken back to who we are as the foundation for what we do and find ourselves grateful for the opportunities presented to us.

We recently looked at our company and collective mission and found that we could relay it to you in no simpler terms than to say our mission is to provide the finest ranch brokerage services available with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

If you've not met us yet, we welcome the chance to get to know you and if you are already a friend, welcome home.