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As has been one of Fay Ranches trademarks over the past 21 years, we continue with marketing that sets us apart from the traditional real estate field and promotes client properties using all the resources and tools at hand. Fay’s commitment is that each and every client and property represented will be done so in a professional manner where each and every aspect of the business relationship and transaction will be carefully planned and executed. Fay knows its clients’ properties are exceptional and special and the marketing of those properties will reflect the same. In 2013, we will blend and focus on three major sets in our marketing plan:

  1. Relationships – Fay Ranches has done an excellent job at staying in touch with almost every person who has contacted us over the past 21 years. Many of these people have become clients and used Fay’s services over that time. Others still query and are trying to find their ideal ranch setting.
  2. Internet Marketing – the advent of the Internet has caused many traditional methods of doing business and marketing to be rethought and applied. At Fay Ranches, we have our "ear to the track" on all upcoming Internet marketing applications and are aggressively pursuing and utilizing what is working today.
  3. Conventional Advertising - Fay realizes there have been and are continuing to be dynamic shifts in marketing and the methods used to find what it is we offer and we remain dedicated to branding and exposure in all avenues.

Our main thrust in marketing comes from “being Fay” and is built upon solid and positive relationships with people and organizations who have similar beliefs and principles. Fay Ranches will ride out any downturns by having strong relationships in place and our marketing will remain consistent with our four pillars of the brand – Sporting Pursuits, Family, Conservation, and Ranch Values. In not wavering to 'chase a buck' here or there, we have a consistent group of brokers and clients who work well together and who refer Fay Ranches continually and with consistency.

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