Selling your Ranch or Property with Fay Ranches

Sellers View at Fay RanchesWe would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering Fay Ranches, Inc. as your exclusive firm for the marketing and brokering of your property. Our ranch brokerage firm was created in 1992 by owner and principle broker Greg Fay. Greg built Fay Ranches in response to the growing threat of development to western rivers, streams, other various waterways and agricultural landscapes. Fay Ranches continues to grow and we have expanded our market to include ranches throughout Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Colorado, throughout the regional InterMountain West and beyond.

It is important to us that Buyer’s intentions are to not only enjoy their ranch and the many recreational opportunities provided, but also to become responsible stewards of the land. It is critical that our clients understand the importance of agriculture to both the economy of rural areas, as well as the beneficial role a well managed agricultural operation plays in maintaining and enhancing quality fish and wildlife habitat.

With that in mind, we are able to address the needs of the new ranch owner. Our team of real estate professionals aids the new owner in addressing conservation, maintenance and enhancement efforts. We have constructed ponds and wetlands, reclaimed spring creeks, built homes and outbuildings, as well as erected miles of fencing and irrigation systems. This ability has proven to be one of our most effective sales tools. During the ranch buying process, some buyers may start to get "cold feet" when they begin to get a sense of the magnitude of owning a ranch. Our management team gives them the comfort level they need to move forward. They understand that we will take care of everything to insure the new ranch owner enjoys years of hassle-free experiences.

Additionally, we impress upon Buyers the importance of helping rural communities, practicing good land stewardship and adhering to the western tradition of being a “good neighbor”. We encourage clients to immerse themselves in their new community and get to know the people because this is a significant part of the value of ranch ownership.

As you may know, many of the individuals buying ranches along the famous trout streams, rolling agricultural landscapes and towering peaks of the Rockies, are making the purchase primarily for recreational reasons. All members of the Fay Ranches team passionately pursue recreational activities, including fly fishing, big game hunting, bird hunting, hiking and skiing, just to name a few. It is critical that your real estate broker is able to effectively, through personal experience, communicate the quality of the recreational opportunities available on your ranch and in the immediate area. We offer real estate expertise, as well as an intimate knowledge and contagious enthusiasm for the vast array of world-class recreational opportunities available in the Rocky Mountain Region.

We market our companies in various local, regional, national and international publications. Depending upon the nature of the property, we tailor our marketing efforts to fit the unique characteristics of each ranch. Our advertisements often feature one or more of our listings. Whether or not your property is featured in a particular advertisement, brochures on all listings in the price range requested will be sent to each potential buyer.

Individual property brochures are created on every property we list. The brochure provides customers with pertinent details regarding each listing, numerous full-color photographs, and information about the surrounding area; including proximity to national parks, airports and commercial centers, along with detailed maps of the property.

Additionally, our web address is featured in every printed advertisement. Our website is quite extensive and generates a great deal of business for us. Each of our listings is featured with its own page including color photographs, property description and a full-color, downloadable brochure. Our web site is submitted to over 1,500 search engines, directories and relevant sites including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Other benefits we offer to our sellers are Electronic Newsletters and Quarterly Sellers Reports

Please feel free to contact us at 800-238-8616 or e-mail us if you have any questions.

We appreciate your taking the time to look through the enclosed information, and we look forward to working with you toward the successful sale of your property.