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Sellers View at Fay RanchesWe would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering Fay Ranches, Inc. as your exclusive firm for the marketing and sale of your property. Our land brokerage firm was created in 1992 by owner and principle broker Greg Fay. Fay Ranches sells farms, ranches, plantations and timber land in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina and Oregon.  Through our strategic alliance with Republic Ranches we now service Texas and Oklahoma as well. The strength of our marketing and the relationships of the Fay agents throughout this network of land professionals gives Fay the most extensive reach in the business.

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For many of our clients, the process of deciding to put their property on the market is an emotional one.  Land can tug at your heart like no other asset, with memories that can span multiple generations.  We understand the process.  We come from the land and know how powerful it can be. We will do everything we can to be sensitive to this unique aspect of selling land.

Selling land is a different experience for every owner.  In addition to the emotional component, there are differing levels of motivation amongst sellers: some sellers live on the land, others do not. Livestock and commercial activities are a consideration to the process as well.  

There are also many factors that go into valuing a piece of ground.  There is the agricultural component; livestock, farming and timber.  There is the value of the property’s sporting component; the quality of the fishing, hunting, and equestrian opportunities.  What quality improvements have been made and the aesthetic of the land; the views, the location, the feel of the property.  We take all these components into consideration when valuing land, many of them are subjective.  For that reason it is critical you work with agents that are immersed in the high end land business on a daily basis, this is the only way you can estimate the value of a given piece of land with accuracy.   

Although we do everything we can to avoid them, there can be frustrations inherent in the process of selling land.  You may feel you’ve given up some privacy when you realize people you’ve never met will be touring your land.  A showing that has been scheduled and you have prepared for may be cancelled just minutes before it is to occur because the potential buyers fell in the love with the ranch they were looking at that morning and decided they don’t need to see any others.   

The job of your listing agent is to represent you, which usually means getting the best offer they can for your ranch.  



As you can see from the digital marketing brochure above, Fay Ranches takes great pride in the quality of the marketing it produces.   

We market in various local, regional, national and international publications. Depending upon the nature of the property, we tailor our marketing efforts to fit the unique characteristics of each ranch. Our advertisements often feature one or more of our listings. Whether or not your property is featured in a particular advertisement, brochures on all listings in the price range requested will be sent to each potential buyer.

Individual property brochures are created on every property we list. The brochure provides customers with pertinent details regarding each listing, numerous full-color photographs, and information about the surrounding area; including proximity to national parks, airports and commercial centers, along with detailed maps of the property.Additionally, our web address is featured in every printed advertisement.

Our website is quite extensive and generates a great deal of business for us. Each of our listings is featured with its own page including color photographs, property description and a full-color, downloadable brochure. Our web site is submitted to over 1,500 search engines, directories and relevant sites including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This article, taken from our blog, offers some useful tips on How to Market Your Ranch.

Other benefits we offer to our sellers are Electronic Newsletters and Quarterly Sellers Reports

Please feel free to contact us at 800-238-8616 or e-mail us if you have any questions.

We appreciate your taking the time to look through the enclosed information, and we look forward to working with you toward the successful sale of your property.