Ranch Testimonials

Dear Greg,

I feel compelled to write this letter of appreciation to you in response to the thoroughly gratifying experience I have enjoyed in working with key members of your team during the process of purchasing my ranch. The professionalism, preparation, and overall positive demeanor exhibited by Ryan Flair were truly impressive. I have to say that in the past I have acquired over a dozen properties and I have never before worked with a more dedicated, knowledgeable, and level headed sales professional. 
Ryan and Steve Candid on their sporting property outside of Bozeman Montana

I ended up purchasing three separate contiguous parcels owned by two different parties and like any ranch property transaction there were a number of issues that had to be worked through. Ryan exhibited true leadership and did great work on my behalf striving to find resolutions to problems and solutions to challenges. I could go on but the simple and most fundamental point is that you have a great team of people working for your firm and with Ryan leading the way for me I greatly enjoyed the actual experience of finding and buying my ranch. 

Best Regards, 

Steve Schelhammer 

P.S. – I am enjoying the ranch tremendously. After the purchase I worked very closely with Andy Ferre and he expertly coordinated numerous big projects for me including site cleanup, rehabilitation of a spring creek on the property that turned out magnificently, and construction of new roads, structures and fences. Andy has also been great to work with.

Dear Greg,

I must apologize for not writing this sooner. The whirlwind of making the purchase of the ranch of my dreams, setting up the facilities, and settling in have taken up some time and energy. But as that has started to come into focus, I realize just what your team has been through and done on my behalf. It is important to me that you know how much it is appreciated. 

First of all, to a person, every one of your team members I have met or talked to have been friendly, helpful, and interested in my needs. I am sure you know how hard Toby Griffith and Chuck Davison worked on chasing my dream. They looked at many ranches to preview and assess them for meeting my criteria. They tracked down and sent information on dozens of places. All the while zeroing in on "the perfect ranch" for me. For over two years we sorted inventory with patience and persistence. We were on the quest together. I made several trips to view places on our list. The trips were organized, efficient, and I always had more information about each place than I knew could exist, with plenty of time for me to review. Then the call came..... When I heard the excitement in Toby's voice and had a chance to talk to Chuck who was hastily tracking down the details, I knew we were close. As with every ranch, Toby and Chuck went to take a look before having me travel. Their trip proved to be time well spent. They had gotten to know what I was looking for through all our travels and communication, and they knew this was the one. Between Toby's knowledge of the wildlife and Chuck's "whatever it takes" attitude, the guys had found "the place".

Needless to say, the transaction was handled with utmost professionalism. There were many details to pull together and we closed without a hitch.

Kudos to you Mr. Fay, for having surrounded yourself with like-minded capable people. The relaxed fun atmosphere this creates is a pleasure to be involved with. You will all experience continued success.

I hope that sometime soon, if schedules will permit, that you and your crew would come to visit.

Mark Morse

 Hi Ryan and Rachel,

Connie and I returned to Houston this past weekend after spending nine wonderful days at Little Fish Creek (interrupted frequently by significant donations to Walmart in Butte).  Once we set up house though, it was a fabulous place to spend a few days.  I must say that I was not disappointed by anything.  Everything at the place was better than we expected.  As you said, Randy is a great guy and did a fantastic job building the home.  He even brought his scaffolding out and helped me hang my elk and deer mounts!!!!   Connie and I want to thank all of you at Fay Ranches for making this a great experience for us.  Your professionalism and friendliness made this a painless experience for us (except for the part when we had to wire transfer money, but I guess that couldn’t be avoided).  If you need a reference from us, don’t hesitate to call on us.  Once again, thanks for all your help.  I don’t have B’s email address, but would appreciate it if you would forward this to him.

Connie and James

 Testimonial for Ryan Flair

In the most economically stressed times, Ryan Flair and his researcher team mate, Rachel Silve, put together a comprehensive and beautiful sales material compilation for one of Montana’s reputation ranches, the Sun Ranch, and proceeded to marshal interest at good price points until successful sale of this majestic property.  Ryan not only worked tirelessly and smartly to achieve the sale, he found the right buyer – one whose commitment to science and conservation was matched only by his passion to enjoy and love the Sun’s unique and diverse landscape and role in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  As I felt comfortable selling the Sun Ranch only after having placed a conservation easement to prohibit the wrong kind of development going forward, I knew statistically that selling the Sun could be made more difficult, as that easement would take developer types out of the equation.  Ryan and his teammates at Fay Ranches were outstanding in mustering up the right kinds of buyers.  I received multiple offers, and in the end I had the choice to see Sun Ranch go absolutely into the right people’s hands.  I could not have been happier with the outcome. 

Roger Lang, Bozeman, MT

Testimonial for Jerry Hicks

Thank you, Jerry, for finding just the right buyer for my ranch! I do appreciate your professionalism, your ever quick responses to my inquiries and your amazing follow through on the unusual closing details that needed attending to. I surely will recommend your excellent services to anyone who has ranch property to sell!


Ione Turner

Testimonial for Rob Ezell

Rob served as the listing agent for a certain commercial property in southern Oregon, owned by myself and a partner. He was able to secure a buyer resulting in a closing during the month of July 2013. Rob's professionalism, attention to details, responsiveness and follow through were exceptional. I have retained a number of real estate brokers over the years in Oregon and Montana. I will be retaining Rob in the near future to list a sporting property in Oregon.


Bruce Bischof

Testimonial for Ryan Flair and Rachel Silve

Hi Ryan,

Thank you for your note, I appreciate it and I had a great time working with you as well.  My husband and I bought a piece of property last week and after dealing with the real estate agent it made me appreciate even more the fantastic job you did for us in our very complex transactions. Your constant attention to detail, making sure little things did not turn into big things and ability to work with all personality types really made it a fantastic experience 

And Rachel, you were fantastic as well.  You are in integral part of the Fay Ranches team – your attention to detail and tenacity are fantastic.  These qualities and your friendly voice on the phone and make it such a pleasure to deal with you as well.  If I knew you were on it I did not have to worry!!


Barbara Ausick

Testimonial for Ryan Flair

We sincerely appreciated Ryan’s balanced approach to showing us the market.  We had a good dialogue about what we were looking for and appreciated Ryan’s perspective on types of ranches and activities. Through our tours, Ryan lent great insight on areas, rivers and values.  Ryan also handled the negotiation process well and we are thrilled with our purchase.

Bob and Joanie Hall

Testimonial for Ryan Flair

“Ryan was very knowledgeable about the ranch property market, professional and responsive. We greatly appreciated the hours he spent with us reviewing properties to find the exact ranch that suited us best. He was patient and understanding throughout our search. Ryan was fair and honest in hisdealing with both us as buyers and the sellers and achieved a great result for all parties.”

Catherine Kidon on behalf of Rob Andy

Testimonial for Ryan Flair


It has now been a full year since we closed on the Calf Creek Ranch and I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for everything you did to help make this purchase possible. If you remember correctly we spoke for the very first time Thanksgiving evening just over a year ago. Most agents would not have taken the time to talk on a holiday. Not only did you talk with me you conferenced in the listing agent that evening.  If you remember correctly I was not overly excited about the ranch at first; however you convinced me to swing in and take a look at the property. I had very set criteria for the property that I was looking for and you were more than confident this ranch would provide what I was looking for. Even though reluctant we took a drive to meet you at the ranch in mid-December. Prior to our meeting you send me a very detailed listing packet with information about the ranch and the surrounding area. As I drove to the ranch I still remember telling myself this was not going to work out. The area just did not seem from a distance to be what I was hoping to find. After we met and started driving around the ranch and talking about what the potential could be I could see what you had talked so fondly of regarding the ranch. The more we explored the ranch the more I liked it. After returning home the real fun began. One of the stipulations of the sale for both the seller and myself was to make this happen on or before the 31st of December less then two weeks away at this point. After the seller and I agreed on the terms which took a few days to negotiate you and your team were left with the challenge to close this before the evening of the 31st. I know you and your team all put forth extreme efforts to make this happen. I have worked with several real estate agents in the past and I have never seen a team pull together under such tight time restraints to close a property of this magnitude and in the record breaking amount of time. When the dust settled on the 28th of December all the proper documentation had been signed, sealed, and delivered 3 days early for us to close this sale. I have since very much enjoyed the ranch that you and your team worked so hard and diligently for me so that I could be the new owner of the Calf Creek Ranch. 

Again, I cannot tell you how exciting it is to own this ranch.

I would also like to say how much I appreciate the hard work and commitment you gave to me to make sure this became a reality for me.

Many Thanks,

Don Pfister & Fritz (Charlene Reddig)

Testimonial for Ryan Flair

“Ryan worked hard to understand what I valued in a ranch and to identify all the properties, whether active on the market or not, that might fit the bill. He found me two terrific properties and made sure all the issues were addressed prior to closing. Ryan really delivered. I have referred a number of friends to him without hesitation.”

Testimonial for Ryan Flair

"Working with Fay Ranches and Ryan has been a delight. Over the years, our professional relationship has evolved into a friendship. Ryan is honest, tenacious and fair. Because he is also smart and creative, you have what I believe are the hallmarks for success in the ever-evolving world of ranch brokerage.”

John H. Heminway

Testimonial for Ryan Flair

Ryan Flair is a top-notch realtor, hands down.  Over the last ten years, we have worked closely with Ryan on a multitude of large real estate transactions, and each time we were more than satisfied. Ryan’s attention to detail was without fail meticulous, conscientious, and thorough, allowing each of the transactions to be a pleasant, positive experience.

Ryan always goes above and beyond the expected “realtor” duties.  Whether we were purchasing or selling properties, we were always confident in Ryan’s abilities, and we look forward to our next experience.


Cass Olmstead