Who We Are

Greg Fay began as a pioneer in the industry and Fay Ranches continues that tradition of innovation today. As ‘Fay Fly Fishing Properties,’ we were the first brokerage firm to focus on recreation and its contribution to the overall value of land. This aspect of the land investment arena has grown considerably since we first brought it to the forefront as a quantifiable value.

Today, Fay Ranches specializes in the marketing and sale of large farms, ranches, timberland and plantations possessing exemplary sporting attributes, conservation values, and investment quality. We have a passionate desire to see land remain productive and managed in a sustainable way for the benefit of agriculture as well as fish and wildlife.

Fay Ranches was built on a foundation of four “pillars”: Family, Conservation, Investment Value, and Sporting Pursuits, which have guided our growth and success over the years. This shared commitment is the basis for the relationships we build and the quality of the business we execute. It is upon this foundation that Fay Ranches has grown to become the top land brokerage firm in the country, it truly is Who We Are. If we can be of service to you please give us a call at (800) 238-8616.

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