Job and Career Opportunities at Fay Ranches

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Fay Ranches is a unique real estate company. We are interested in adding agents if they are a good fit. The first key quality we look for is competence in the field - the person must be knowledgeable about land and land transactions with a proven track record of closing deals. They also must have the requisite character qualifications: they must be a good, honest person. And lastly, we call it the ‘three days in a truck’ test. They must be someone we feel we can spend three days in a truck with. Meaning, we like them, and we think it will be enjoyable to work with them. At Fay Ranches, we have a very high standard for the quality of the work we do and we feel it’s equally important to like the people we work with. It’s also important an agent lives in an area that has enough open land that they can make a living.

If you read through our website, you’ll get a sense of Fay Ranches, our conservation ethic, our desire to work with only the finest land assets, and the importance we place on enduring relationships.

If you feel like you’d be a good fit at Fay Ranches and Fay Ranches would be a good fit for you, please give us a call. We’d love to visit with you.