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Fay Ranches 2023 Summit

Fay Ranches agents from across the country will gather at the end of the month for their 25th annual Fay Ranches Summit. This event provides the agents with the opportunity to learn about the current market conditions, share trends that they are seeing in their respective regions, and engage with some of the industry’s foremost experts in mineral rights, 1031 Exchanges, Land Restoration, Real Estate Law, Regenerative Agriculture, and more! Guest speakers, Danielle DiMartino Booth of Quill Intelligence, Aubrie Kobernus of the Realtors Land Institute, Bob Goodson of First American Exchange, Michael Rabb of Rabb Law, Amanda Harris of Flying S Title and Escrow, Jeff Lazslo of Granger Ranches, Katie Salsbury of Intermountain Aquatics, Kevin Stowe and Richard Ellis of K2 Land Company, Leslie Allison of Western Landowners Alliance, Danielle D’Arcy of Goldman Sacs, David Creasey of UBS Financial Services, Max Davis of AG America Lending, Eddie Lee Rider of The Land Report all join us to share their knowledge and expertise in their respective industries.

The Summit is also a place to network, share and receive advice from other agents and engage with others from different parts of the country to build camaraderie and continue to foster relationships between staff and agents. Staff-led breakout sessions ensure that agents have the knowledge of the Fay Ranches platforms to pursue their business plans and achieve their goals as the company continues to grow its team and coast to coast reach. Agents have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience specific to their regions with the rest of the team at Fay Ranches via case studies. While the main focus of the Summit is to build upon the already thriving business of Fay Ranches and the agents, we also like to balance out our learning with a little fun such as golfing, hiking, swimming, and cocktail hour.

Fay Ranches would like to thank their 2023 Summit sponsors for their support of the agents and the company not only during the Summit but throughout the year. The 2023 Summit Sponsors are The Land Report, Ag America Lending, UBS Financial Services, Flying S Title and Escrow, and First American Exchange Company. We are proud to partner with these companies that we enjoy working with year-round.

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Joette Schalla Speaks on Solar Leasing on LandGate

Brooke Goodings and Fay Ranches broker Joette Schalla discussed evaluating properties for landowners to help them determine the potential for solar development. They dug into the process of presenting potential development sites to renewable energy developers. They touched on the phases of the solar leasing process and the best practices for negotiating a deal that […]

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Wetland Mitigation Banking: A Ranching Alternative

Fay Ranches’ broker, Ren Martyn, was featured on Realtor’s Land Institute (RLI) where he spoke on wetland mitigation banking. Wetland mitigation banking is a ranching alternative in today’s ag economy and land stewardship practices. Wetland mitigation banking provides enhancement, restoration, creation, and/or preservation of habitat-scale wetlands in order to offset unavoidable wetland impacts under Section […]