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Montana’s New Game-Changer: House Bill 635 and Four Other Proven Strategies to Maximize Hunting Opportunities for Non-Resident Landowners

In one of our more recent Land Investor Podcast episodes, Montana Hunting Tags: Resident and Non-Resident Applications, my co-host Matt Henningsen and I dive into the strategies accessible to a non-resident landowner aiming to enhance their chances of obtaining a general license or special permit for big game hunting in Montana. Before I get into the nuances of that conversation, let me first point out that Black Bear, Wolf, and Mountain Lion permits are available over the counter for nonresident sportsmen and women, though they might be subject to quotas in specific hunting districts. Now that the big game nonresident

Strategies for Managing Wildlife to Cultivate Trophy-Quality Animals

I have been a student of animal health my whole life. Growing up in Eastern Oregon on a 22,000 acre ranch ignited an interest in the wildlife our land hosted from a young age. This land was not only a source of sustenance and livelihood for my family but also ignited an enduring passion for […]

Precision & Passion: The Art of Long-Range Shooting

The Thrill and Precision of Long-Range Shooting Long-range shooting, as both a sport and a skill, marries the thrill of precision, the challenge of distance, and the art of marksmanship. This discipline extends beyond merely hitting a target; it encompasses an understanding of ballistics, environmental factors, and meticulous equipment calibration. In the realm of sports, […]