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Virtual Fencing: The Newest Innovation in Livestock Containment and Range Management

If you take a drive through the modern-day New England countryside, you will still find stone walls lining the edges of historic farm properties. These charming walls were very labor-intensive to build, as stones were removed from farm fields out of necessity; this created an opportunity to repurpose those stones for the containment of livestock and to mark property boundaries. Wood, which was also plentiful, was incorporated into building corrals, gates, barns, and fences. These common methods of improving farms worked well in areas with abundant natural resources. As people moved west and settled in new areas, they needed a

Strategies for Managing Wildlife to Cultivate Trophy-Quality Animals

I have been a student of animal health my whole life. Growing up in Eastern Oregon on a 22,000 acre ranch ignited an interest in the wildlife our land hosted from a young age. This land was not only a source of sustenance and livelihood for my family but also ignited an enduring passion for […]

Precision & Passion: The Art of Long-Range Shooting

The Thrill and Precision of Long-Range Shooting Long-range shooting, as both a sport and a skill, marries the thrill of precision, the challenge of distance, and the art of marksmanship. This discipline extends beyond merely hitting a target; it encompasses an understanding of ballistics, environmental factors, and meticulous equipment calibration. In the realm of sports, […]