Fay Ranches Adds New Mexico Broker and Services


Fay Ranches Partnership with TX-Republic Ranches Bolsters Fay’s New Mexico Practice

Bozeman, Montana, March 30, 2015 Just last year Fay Ranches added New Mexico to its coverage of southwest mountain states with the addition of longtime New Mexico ranchland broker John Watson.

When talking with Greg Fay about expanding into New Mexico, he beams as he says, “Having the right presence in New Mexico has long been a desire of all of us at Fay Ranches. There’s some great country down there. We had been constantly asked over the years, ‘Can Fay help us in New Mexico?’ and we have had to decline these opportunities. We first needed a broker who was a good fit with us and for the region, and when Watson approached us, we knew we had a winner with the right elements in place.”

Watson added, “I’ve handled many interesting projects in New Mexico over the years that have allowed me to see some wonderful country as well as gain a personal and unique perspective of the culture, history and the land.”


When asked about memorable assignments in New Mexico, Watson said, “One has to be the 9000 acre Tecolote Ranch outside of Las Vegas – the ‘other Las Vegas’ “, he joked, “….in San Miguel County, New Mexico. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, newsman, Dan Rather and a couple other partners owned Tecolote, enjoying it over the years as a hunting retreat; and more importantly, a place to get away and relax. It was a location where you could hunt state-record elk, explore Native American settlements, reflect with wonderment the early-settler’s wagon tracks through the ranch that form the old Santa Fe Trail – and then – that evening; 40 minutes away, enjoy top cuisine, golf or spa in Santa Fe.”

Tecolote was purchased by prominent Houston commercial real estate developers William R. Hinckley and David K. Gibbs of Lookout Partners L.P. They are good stewards and were respectful of the ranch and local community – they retained the southern portion of the ranch as a working cattle ranch in the tradition of the Bud Linson family who has managed the ranch for decades. The ranch is now in a Conservation Easement benefitting The Santa Fe Trust, ensuring that it will remain in its natural state into perpetuity. “This is the kind of outcome that makes me happy”, smiled Watson.

Speaking of New Mexico, Texans and ranches, Fay Ranches strategic alliance with Texas-based Republic Ranches “couldn’t have come at a better time”, noted Greg Fay. “Texans have long had an affinity for New Mexico”. Republic Ranches partner Charles Davidson is a good example – a native San Antonin, Davidson has a strong connection to New Mexico, having spent his youthful summers on a high mountain ranch outside of Angel Fire. “Our clients invest in and enjoy New Mexico ranchland – we’re keeping Watson really busy”, said Davidson.

John Watson agreed, adding; “A good amount of the New Mexico business we are tracking and handling is in conjunction with Republic Ranches, and they are a great group to collaborate with. In New Mexico we have a boutique practice. Much of our ongoing work in the state is off-market; under the radar, involving confidential projects for key New Mexico landowners with landscape scale property holdings. New Mexico is a ‘non-disclosure state’, (meaning terms and parties of real property sales are not of public record) and many like it that way.”

About Fay Ranches
Fay Ranches Inc. is a Bozeman-based brokerage specializing in the marketing and sale of best-of-class ranches in the Rocky Mountain Region possessing exemplary sporting attributes, conservation values, and investment quality. Fay is a broker in New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and North Carolina with offices throughout the Rocky Mountain Region and Northwest U.S.

About Republic Ranches
Republic Ranches LLC is a farm and ranch brokerage firm that operates statewide in Texas and Oklahoma and has five branch offices. The firm is owned and operated by Jeff Boswell (Houston), Bryan Pickens (Dallas), Mark Matthews (Hondo), and Charles Davidson (San Antonio). In addition the firm has two associates in Austin giving Republic a presence in the five key metropolitan areas of Texas where many buyers are based.

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