Volume 4

Volume 4 Passing Traditions through Generations

Dear Land Investor,

This year marks the publication of our fourth edition of Land Investor. Our goal from the outset was to help landowners maximize the utility and enjoyment of their land and connect potential buyers with their perfect property. Purchasing land is a highly personal decision, as is the stewardship of it. Our brokers and industry experts have written about everything from conservation easements to understanding water and mineral rights, and we hope the publication increases knowledge and provides value and perspective for everyone who reads it. The four pillars Fay Ranches was founded upon 26 years ago remain the same: Family, Conservation, Investment Value, and Sporting Pursuits. While they are all important and at the core of everything we do, there is a reason that family comes first. When I think about my home in Montana, all of my best memories there are with my wife and kids, whether we are fishing, hiking, or just hanging around a fire in the winter. Most of our clients echo the same sentiment, and many of our buyers look, first and foremost, for a place to create great memories with their own families.

Our network of properties continues to grow, and we truly broker land from coast to coast. One thing that hasn’t changed since our humble beginnings over a quarter century ago is our adherence to the four pillars, and our effort to treat everyone—from our clients to our colleagues—like family. I hope you enjoy this edition of Land Investor. I appreciate everyone who has worked hard to make this issue the best yet, and I hope you find it informative and valuable.


Gregory W. Fay
Fay Ranches, Inc.