Greg Seat

Greg Seat


Greg was born and raised hunting small game, quail and fly fishing in Middle Tennessee fostering a love for the land and conservation from a young age.  This led to a degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of Tennessee-Martin with concentrations in Soil Science and Wildlife Biology and a minor in Business Administration.  Graduate work was completed in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Soil Classification and Geomorphology.  His first jobs after college were as a Backcountry Ranger with the BLM in Roseburg, Oregon and as a Soil Scientist with the Soil Conservation Service in West Tennessee.

Starting in 1982, Greg was licensed as a real estate agent working as a Branch Manager with Strout Real Estate in West Tennessee.  For over 20 years Greg was a general contractor in Middle Tennessee building and remodeling residential and commercial buildings.  More recently, Greg owned Cumberland Land Company which was the exclusive affiliate of Cabela’s Trophy Properties for Middle Tennessee specializing in farms, timber land and hunting properties.  Greg’s knowledge of the land, the land purchase process and wise land management is evident to the folks he works with. His abilities include evaluating soils for best crops, timber stand improvement and the enhancement of wildlife habitat. This knowledge is brought to bear in preparation of land for sale and evaluating the same for investment.

Connect with Greg Seat

Greg has been married to Norma for almost 36 years.  They raised two daughters spending large amounts of time in the outdoors.

When Greg has free time you can find him on his farm in Giles County managing the chestnut and fruit orchards, developing the wildlife habitat and hunting.  He can also be found on the tennis courts playing in leagues, local and national level tournaments.