William B. Cooper

William B. Cooper


William B. Cooper was born into a South Carolina family with a long history of land stewardship.  Growing up on a large tract of land with many ponds, lakes and creeks, William developed a deep appreciation for land and land ownership and its’ importance to the heritage of the South.

William graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Experiential Education in 1991, attended graduate studies at Mankato State University, and worked as a social worker for the Cree Indian Nation on Lessor Slave Lake and for the Frontier Nursing Service in Wendover, KY. William then began a formal career in real estate in Colorado in 2001.  William moved his family back to the Southeast in 2005 and settled in Tennessee where he continued his career as a land broker.  William has over 15 years of experience executing complex land transactions from the mountains of the Rockies to the productive farms, plantations and timber lands of the Southeast.

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It was inevitable that William found a career as a real estate agent; his family has been steeped in the profession since the pre-Revolutionary War era.  His experience with family-owned plantations gave William a genuine on-the-ground knowledge of traditional working plantations and cattle farms and the complimentary relationship between production and recreation on these beautiful tracts of land.

William considers his knowledge of land stewardship a privilege, and his passion is found both in living that life and sharing it with others. William specializes in balancing agriculture, land management and sound business practices in today’s fast paced real estate market. His lifelong outdoorsmanship and his plantation and farm management knowledge give William a professional edge when it comes to pairing conservation-minded buyers with properties that provide recreation and income. In addition, William has extensive experience in mineral and water rights.

A lifelong sportsman, traveler and adventurer, William is an avid angler, bird hunter, and horseman.  He is an active member of numerous conservation organizations and promotes wildlife and aquatic habitat protection and enhancement.

Today, William enjoys the good life in Nashville, TN with his wife Karen, son Wills and daughter Constance.  They spend their time working with black angus cattle, Saddlebred horses and hunting dogs and also enjoy coastal fishing and family adventures.