The Bledsoe Ranch on the Caney River is a unique combination of cattle and recreational property in northeast Oklahoma.  Ranches of this size do not come on the market often in this area, and it also lends itself to potential future development.   This live-water property has about 5.5 miles of the Caney River as its boundary and is almost in the shape of a horseshoe with the river surrounding it.  The key topographical feature is the limestone ridgeline on the east side that stretches over 2 miles.  It has over 200′ of elevation drop and looks over the river bottoms to the east.   It lies just east of the rapidly growing Owasso area and is about 7 miles west of Claremore.  This special ranch has not traded ownership in 55 years.


  • Live-water property with about 5.5 miles of the Caney River as its boundary
  • Lies just east of the rapidly growing Owasso area and about 7 miles west of Claremore
  • This special ranch has not traded ownership in 55 years
  • No public roads cut through the ranch
  • In the Central Irregular Plains ecosystem of Oklahoma
  • Several stock ponds are located throughout the ranch, and the ranch gets an average of about 35-40” of rainfall annually
  • Whitetail deer population is healthy and abundant
  • Turkeys have excellent habitat along the river
  • Carrying capacity could be as much as 350 AU for this general blend of native grasses and forage as well as mixed woods
  • Limestone ridge line on the east side stretches over 2 miles
  • Timber predominately mixed with huge chinquapin oaks, post oaks, and blackjack oaks on the higher ground
  • Lower ground timber includes pecan, ash, sycamore, and sweet gum
  • Bryan Pickens - Partner/Broker Associate | (214) 552-4417 |
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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