The Cadena Ranch is a wonderful low fenced ranch located in the big deer country of southern Duval County, near Hebbronville, Texas. The fine sandy loam soils and the amount of both surface and groundwater set this ranch apart. The ranch harbors a great herd of native white-tailed deer managed under MLDP, vast numbers of turkeys, significant brush stripping for bountiful quail hunting, and a renowned dove hunting area of South Texas. Two major creek drainages run through the ranch with several smaller creeks as well.

The Cadena Ranch is located in the South Texas Plains ecoregion and is dominated by fine sandy loam soils which comprise over 70% of the ranch, with approximately 18% in gravelly sands and the remaining 12% in clay dominated soils along the bottomland drainages. Some of the hills have exposed caliche which is used to maintain excellent roads.

To date over 3,500 acres of the ranch have been sculpted, motted, and stripped to enhance quail nesting and hunting habitat in the sandy portions of the ranch. The quail production in these areas is first class. White-tailed deer on the property are abundant. Deer hunting pressure has been minimal, as the management has mostly concentrated on harvesting management bucks and does. The age distribution is excellent on the property. Turkey hunting on this ranch is phenomenal, with multiple roosts along the major drainages. The excellent water distribution and multiple small ponds and lakes also allow for the turkey to be well-distributed throughout the ranch. Dove hunting in this area is outstanding and there is a fair amount of grain grown in the vicinity which brings in large numbers of the birds in the fall.

The surface water on the ranch is extensive with multiple small ponds and small lakes that are fed by the multiple water wells throughout the ranch. One major creek drainage runs through the property (Macho Creek) and holds ponds of water throughout much of the year. There is one artesian spring on the ranch which flows water into a small lake year-round.

The housing improvements on the ranch are modest and well done. There are three existing homes all in great condition scattered around the ranch. Currently, three of the homes are used as housing for managers and caretakers. All are tastefully decorated and have fenced-in yards that are well taken care of. There is an excellent road system throughout the ranch and the fencing is in good condition. The property is divided into 17 pastures to rotate cattle on the property. With the water distribution and multiple cattle pens and traps, the ranch is a great cattle ranch to supplement the wildlife on the place.


  • 9,821± Acres
  • MLDP managed white-tailed deer
  • Enhanced for quail habitat
  • Three homes on the property
  • 17 pastures to rotate cattle
  • Macho Creek
  • Low-fenced hunting ranch
  • White-tailed deer, turkey, bobwhite quail, dove, waterfowl
  • Multiple ponds and small lakes fed by multiple water wells throughout the ranch
  • One artesian spring on the ranch which flows water into a small lake year-round
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