The Cerrito Prieto Ranch is a true Texas heritage ranch just 8 miles south of Encinal. The ranch is a highly improved south Texas ranch in the famed golden triangle. Along with fantastic and in part, historic improvements, the ranch boasts a paved runway and excellent road system. The property is also one of the best watered ranches to be found in south Texas, with two Carrizo water wells and miles of underground piping for distribution to multiple lakes and other facilities.

The Cerrito Prieto Ranch is named after the gravel hill located centrally on the ranch. It was named by the Spanish explorers meaning “little black hill” and was considered a major landmark through the early part of the twentieth century. It stands out so starkly over the south Texas plains that travelers used it to navigate between Laredo and Encinal.
Cerrito Prieto Ranch is found in the “red dirt” region of the northern section of Webb County. The soils found in this region are known to offer some of the most productive habitats found in Texas. The property is dominated by typical south Texas brush species along with native grasses and succulents. There are multiple ridges, draws and open pastures with several significant creek drainages running through the property. The drainages contain many oaks and hackberry trees; and there are abundant bull mesquites throughout the ranch. There is plenty of roll to the property with over 200’ of elevation changes on the ranch. The namesake of the ranch is a landmark hill and outcropping called Cerrito Prieto that rises some 50’ above the surrounding terrain

Several thousand acres of the ranch have been worked to promote quail habitat and are dominated by mixtures of native grasses.


  • $26,567,800
  • 10,844± Acres
  • Found in the “red dirt” region of the northern section of Webb County
  • Whitetail deer are closely managed and multiple trophies are taken on an annual basis
  • Numerous lakes and ponds throughout the ranch
  • Headquarters compound consists of several residences and operations facilities
  • Immaculately landscaped with native plants, irrigated Bermuda, fountains, rock walkways and fire pit
  • Electricity is found throughout the ranch
  • There are multiple older gas wells on the ranch and recently there has been additional drilling of newer gas wells

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