Dog House Ranch is a sportsman’s paradise and is close enough to the mountain towns of Chama, New Mexico and Pagosa Springs, Colorado to be a year-round destination for your entire family. This spectacular ranch has trophy elk and mule deer in Northern Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, yet is close to the Colorado border. It is located one ridge over from the famed Jicarilla Apache Reservation that has a superb reputation for outstanding wildlife stewardship that greatly benefits this ranch. The wildlife is abundant, as the property is located within the migration corridor for both mule deer and wintering grounds for the Southern San Juan elk herd. Just a few miles east of the ranch lies the W.A. Humphries Wildlife Management Area, the Broken Butt, and Quinlan ranches, all famous for their wildlife. If you have thought about owning your own ranch, you should do yourself a favor and take a look at the Dog House Ranch.

Dog House is located at ground zero for large mule deer, with many large bucks seen on the ranch this past season. You don’t have to look far in the record books to know that Rio Arriba County has the most entries in New Mexico for mule deer. Unit 4, where this ranch is located, is simple to draw a private land mule deer tag. The state also has a special Mule Deer Landowner Incentive Program, which, if a new owner desires to apply the ranch, could allow for extended seasons and additional tags with a top tier tag during the rut.

Additionally, the ranch has historically qualified for 4-5 elk tags per season with several being either sex tags. This past season there were several 6×6 point bulls and one 7×6 point bull, as well as many younger bulls. With a very active rut on the ranch, the late-season hunts in December can be outstanding as the large herds from the high alpine areas migrate down and winter on the ranch. The ranch also has turkey frequenting on the ranch, and occasionally, both bear and lion will come through.


  • 600± acres
  • Current improvements include a 3-bedroom/2-bath mobile home with an attached 2 story concrete block structure
  • Power will be run to the home as it has historically been served by solar panels but those have been removed in anticipation of the new electrical supply
  • The home overlooks one of the main meadows
  • Concrete block covered storage shed located next to the house
  • Watered by a natural spring that has been developed and flows into a pond
  • Sportsman’s paradise
  • Has trophy elk and mule deer
  • Within the migration corridor for both mule deer
  • Wintering grounds for the Southern San Juan elk herd
  • The ranch has historically qualified for 4-5 elk tags per season
  • Located about 10 minutes east of Dulce
  • Close to mountain towns of Chama, NM and Pagosa Springs, CO
  • Located one ridge over from the famed Jicarilla Apache Reservation
  • Agent: Clayton Leonard, Sales Associate | (210) 669 - 2782 |
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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