The La India Ranch is a finely tuned quail focused ranch that has been sculpted and maintained to maximize the quail hunting potential of the land over the entire acreage. The ranch is entirely in the sand sheet and has miles of water lines and roads. The road system was created to provide the perfect environment for the quail and for following bird dogs over the property in pursuit of gentleman bob. The ranch is high fenced with quality deer, excellent dove hunting and beautiful improvements sitting on a small picturesque lake.

Location: The ranch is located nine miles east of Hebbronville. The entrance is off a caliche county road north of Hwy 285 between Hebbronville and Falfurrias.  The ranch is a 12 mile drive to the Hebbronville Airport (5,000′ lighted runway), and about an hour from Baffin Bay (a tremendous salt water fishery for giant speckled trout and redfish).

Habitat: La India is located in the South Texas sand sheet and is primarily rolling grasslands with mixed brush and mesquites sculpted and laid out in a motted fashion. This land is dominated with native grasses and is well suited for fully utilizing a string of bird dogs on outings for quail. All of the soils in this area are sandy or sandy loam that are key to providing exceptional habitat for quail nesting and reproduction. While the brush has been designed to allow for access for quail rigs, there is still plenty to provide quality deer habitat in addition to loafing cover for the birds.

Wildlife: The primary quarry on the La India ranch is Bobwhite Quail. The entire ranch is committed to maximizing quail habitat through brush management, limited grazing, annual prescribed burns and water distribution. This has created a ranch that allows for the highest quail production possible; regularly proven by the numbers of coveys located on daily hunts. The management strategy includes only shooting one or two birds from each covey to be sure that there are plenty of nesting pairs come spring.

Deer hunting on La India is excellent and with adequate native brush to provide excellent cover and food resources for white-tailed deer. There is an 11 acre Deer Management Pen utilized on the ranch for breeding does with one or two of the best bucks on the ranch. The ranch feeds protein year round.

There is a strong turkey population on the ranch.

Dove hunting on the ranch is strongly supported by 7 small ponds that are supplemented by water wells. All of these ponds are kept well mowed to make it ideal for classic tank hunting and larger mesquites are left if place around these ponds to make for landing areas for the dove. While Mourning dove have been the staple here, white-wing doves have begun to be a much larger share of the dove bag on the ranch over the past ten years.

The main lake by the house is stocked with largemouth bass and bluegill for great fishing.

La India Ranch is managed for wildlife. Cattle grazing is limited and used only as a tool to optimize wildlife habitat and production. Interior fencing is minimal, but is used to create three pastures for rotational or pasture specific grazing, when condition warrant. All pastures are accessed across cattle guards so no need to open gates while hunting this ranch.

Improvements: The luxurious Lodge on the ranch overlooks the main lake, which is kept full via a high volume water well. The lodge is approximately 5,800 square feet in size. There are five bedrooms including a large master bedroom. All rooms have private bathrooms. There is an open central or great room with a large modern kitchen, dinning room, den and living area with large fireplace. A beautiful back porch overlooks the lake.

There is a 2,400 square foot garage outside of the main house that is home to several quail hunting rigs and includes a small workshop.

The unique main lake next to the lodge is approximately 1.6 acres and includes a waterfall next to the back porch, creating a relaxing atmosphere for cocktails after the hunt. The amenities associated with the lake include a fire pit and fishing/swimming dock. In addition water can be circulated between the main lake and a large dove pond 250 years away creating the waterfall feature and a “live” stream that also has excellent fishing.

Next door to the lodge is one of the most intriguing sporting clays set ups we have ever seen. Besides the five houses with Lincoln skeet throwers, there is a 120’ tower housing two throwers that can go up and down to create unusual shooting opportunities.

The manager’s home is a 2-bedroom mobile home located near the main entrance to the ranch.

In addition, there is a “guide house” towards the back of the property. It is a small two-bedroom home with kitchen. This area also houses the walk in cooler and game cleaning station along with a workshop.

There is a separate location that includes the dog kennels, equipment barn, enclosed barn for storing feed, and a feed bin for corn & milo storage.

Water: This ranch sits over a very good aquifer and has excellent shallow groundwater. One of the great benefits of this area is that high volume water wells can be achieved at less than 500’. Currently there are nine working water wells, 7 dove ponds, 1 large lake and miles of water lines further distributing water to small watering stations and sprinkler systems.

Electricity: Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch. There is one monopole transmission line that crosses the ranch near the north border.

 Minerals: Some minerals are owned and will convey. There is no production and little production anywhere in the immediate area.


  • Primary quarry on the La India ranch is Bobwhite Quail
  • Miles of water lines and roads
  • High fenced with quality deer, excellent dove hunting and beautiful improvements
  • Located nine miles east of Hebbronville
  • Located in the South Texas sand sheet
  • Primarily rolling grasslands with mixed brush and mesquites
  • Luxurious Lodge on the ranch overlooks the main lake
  • 2,400 square foot garage
  • Sits over a very good aquifer and has excellent shallow groundwater

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