Republic Ranches, LLC is excited to offer perhaps the largest and finest example of a classic “sand sheet” quail ranch to grace the market in the past 20 years in South Texas. The Palomas Ranch has a rich history; having been the quail hunting destination of three presidents, multiple governors and numerous other dignitaries over the years. Palomas Ranch is in one of the most highly sought-after and tightly held areas of the country for ranch land. Few ranches of this size and prestige have ever become available in the area. The property boasts all native grasses, dotted with natural motts of live oaks and native mesquites creating prime habitat for bobwhite quail and a habitat that supports excellent populations of deer, turkey and dove.

The property is located square in the middle of the South Texas Sand Sheet, long known by many to be the best habitat for bobwhite quail in the entire United States. Approximately 2,000± acres of the ranch is dominated by thick live oaks of various sizes. Another 6,000± acres is primarily open grassland savannas with live oak motts including very large live oaks. The remaining 6,500± acres is open grasslands with a mix of oaks and mesquites as the primary mott components.

There are multiple playas lakes throughout the property that fill with water during wetter times and form lush grasslands following the wetter periods. These areas provide excellent added wildlife and quail habitat and during some years provide excellent waterfowl hunting. There are also multiple ponds and small lakes on the property that are fed by water wells.


  • 14,581± acres
  • The ranch is located twelve miles west of Falfurrias and the Brooks County Airport on a paved county road
  • The main headquarters is a classic deep South Texas ranch-style lodge
  • The manager’s home is in the same compound along with several sheds/barns for hunting vehicles and related equipment
  • The ranch operations area includes barns, equipment storage, shop, tack room, dog kennels, 3 sets of cattle working pens
  • 3 cabins, 2 of which have been recently remodeled
  • The primary quarry on the ranch is bobwhite quail. The entire ranch is committed to maximizing quail habitat through rotational grazing
  • There is also excellent deer, turkey and dove hunting on the ranch
  • The ranch sits on the Gulf Coast Aquifer and most of the water wells are between 100’ and 150’ deep. There are 7 electric wells that produce between 50 – 100 gpm, and there are 10 windmills all in good working order
  • There are multiple ponds and small lakes throughout the property that are maintained by water wells and multiple potholes that hold water during wetter periods with some also supplemented by water wells
  • Palo Blanco Creek runs through the middle of the property and will hold water during wetter periods.  Baluarte Arroyo also runs along the southern boundary of the property
  • The property’s hunting and grazing rights have been leased by the same long-term tenant for decades, resulting in an extraordinarily well-managed sand sheet paradise
  • No minerals are available with the sale. There are some producing wells with most of the mineral activity located in an area of about 900± acres
  • Electricity is found in various places throughout the ranch
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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