Located on the southern edge of the Edwards Plateau just before the hills give way to the South Texas Plains, Piñon Ranch’s 9,085± acres are a fusion of the Hill Country and South Texas.  Dramatic topography, unspoiled vistas and diverse plant species – including a rare proliferation of extraordinary piñon pine trees – make this recreational paradise unique in its class of elite Texas ranches. 

Owned and operated for decades by the same family, Pinion Ranch epitomizes the larger-than-life Texas ranch culture. The ranch features towering cliffs, hidden caves, countless miles of jeep trails, Native American artifacts and clear night skies that stretch beyond the imagination. The year-round big game hunting opportunities will occupy your dreams by night, then challenge your wit and stamina by day.  This describes the experience that awaits you at Pinon Ranch. 

Habitat: The ranch features 4.5 miles of the W. Nueces River and associated riparian habitat running north-south through the property.  The river in this area is dry most of the time, but it can flow and hold water in pools after rain events. The hills and valleys on opposite sides of this river bottom provide fantastic views across the ranch.  Topographical relief ranges from approximately 1,540’ to over 2,020’, nearly 500 feet!  There are numerous great locations to glass wildlife from the hilltops and plan a stalk.

The most notable trees on the ranch – and also the property’s namesake – are the abundant piñon pines that can be found by the thousands, with many specimens in the “trophy” category.  This ranch has some of the largest piñon trees we have seen anywhere in our travels across Texas.  Other trees and woody vegetation in this transitional area is typical of the Hill Country including live oak, shin oak, mesquite, walnut, pecan, redbud, mountain laurel, persimmon, algerito and juniper; along with a mix of South Texas brush including guajillo, blackbrush, guayacan, kidneywood, brazil and other typical species providing high quality browse. 

The Piñon’s rangelands also contain a plethora of native grasses including sideoats grama (the state grass of Texas), purple threeawn, hooded windmill, sand dropseed, buffalograss, Texas grama, hairy grama, Canada wildrye, switchgrass and cane bluestem.

Wildlife: Abundant native game including white-tailed deer, turkey, quail and dove provide excellent hunting opportunities.  The ranch also boasts an extensive exotic game population, which allows for year-round hunting.  The large resident axis deer herd is legendary for its trophy quality and is the exclamation point on the ranch’s hunting opportunities.  In 2010, a Piñon bowhunter took an Axis that reportedly would have made the top 3 at the time had the trophy been submitted. 

The majority of the ranch offers great low-fenced hunting for free-ranging native and exotic game.  The owners were among the early pioneers of exotic game introduction, and many species can be found free-ranging across this region.  Additionally, there are two high fenced pastures including an approximately 1,300-acre intensively managed enclosure with a supplemental feeding program.  The other high fenced pasture (the Newman pasture) is about 1000 acres and provides the opportunity to implement a different management strategy if desired.  Newman is currently managed primarily for native game and axis deer.  Exotic species commonly seen on the ranch include scimitar-horned oryx, axis deer, blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, red deer, aoudad and feral hogs.

Although not a huntable game species, this part of Texas does have a small population of the incredible Montezuma Quail and they have been seen on the ranch! 

Improvements:  The rustic stone main lodge and adjacent casitas are the centerpiece of the main lodge compound.  The compound provides sleeping accommodations for the largest of extended families and is more than adequate for a commercial hunting operation (can comfortably accommodate 25-28 people).  Also present are an extraordinary great room with dining room, library, bar and stone fireplaces; all surrounded by a wraparound porch.  The compound includes a commercial kitchen, additional expansive patios and firepit area.  The compound includes a walk-in cooler/freezer, game cleaning area, gun locker room, a shop, utility room, a large covered garage/barn for vehicle storage, and an attractive converted windmill-pila swimming pool.  

Elsewhere on the ranch are the 4BR and 3.5BA foreman’s residence and headquarters compound between the front gate and the main lodge compound.  In the SE quadrant there is a small hunting cabin that sleeps 4, affectionately referred to as Camp II.  And in the high fenced Newman Pasture, there is a 1,500 SF residence (used by one of the full-time staff) and associated historical outbuildings. 

Water:  There are three operating water wells with submersible pumps and approximately 8 miles of underground and above ground water pipeline for domestic and livestock/wildlife use.  The Newman pasture well services the Newman pasture, headquarters compound and northern portion of the ranch; the south well waters the main lodge compound, and the Camp II well services Camp II. The Cave Creek canyon in the NE quadrant has several active springs/seeps providing water for wildlife.  There are numerous dirt tanks, guzzlers and other watering facilities distributed throughout the ranch.

Minerals: Seller’s fee minerals, if any, are negotiable.  There appears to be a small quantity of state classified minerals on the northern border of the ranch.  All rights associated with any state classified minerals associated with the ranch will convey.

Taxes: The open space lands of the ranch (not including improvement areas) are taxed under 1D1 Wildlife Management for ad valorem tax purposes.  

Other: Included in the offering are over 35 tower/box blinds in good condition and a similar number of nearby automatic corn feeders in working condition.  In addition, there are 4 free choice protein feeders in the Game Park pasture. There is a cell tower in the Newman pasture.

Certain personal property items, including main lodge furnishings and ranch rolling stock or equipment, are negotiable.  Taxidermy, photos and art will be retained by Seller.


  • The ranch is +20 miles north of Brackettville, with over 4 miles of frontage on the east side of FM 674.
  • The ranch is approximately 120 miles west of San Antonio and 50 miles from Del Rio.
  • The ranch features 4.5 miles of the W. Nueces River and associated riparian habitat running north-south through the property.
  • The abundant piñon pines that can be found by the thousands, with many specimens in the “trophy” category.
  • The Piñon’s rangelands contain a plethora of native grasses.
  • Abundant native game including white-tailed deer, turkey, quail and dove provide excellent hunting opportunities.
  • The ranch manages its white-tailed deer population under TPWD’s Managed Lands Deer Program (Harvest Option).
  • The rustic stone main lodge and adjacent casitas are the center piece of the main lodge compound.
  • The main roads on the ranch are excellent and most are easy to navigate in two-wheel drive.
  • A well-maintained 4,500-foot paved private airport runway is located on the ranch – just a short drive north of the main lodge compound.
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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