Bridger Foothills: Accelerating Construction Timelines for a New Owner

By Ryan Bramlette | (406) 580-9569 | We’re fortunate to boast world-class construction and design talent right here in the Gallatin Valley. From renowned architects to sophisticated general contractors and tasteful interior designers, buyers from around the globe have access to exceptional expertise. However, this luxury often comes with a lengthy timeline—from purchasing land to initiating infrastructure, engaging […]

Precision & Passion: The Art of Long-Range Shooting

The Thrill and Precision of Long-Range Shooting Long-range shooting, as both a sport and a skill, marries the thrill of precision, the challenge of distance, and the art of marksmanship. This discipline extends beyond merely hitting a target; it encompasses an understanding of ballistics, environmental factors, and meticulous equipment calibration. In the realm of sports, […]

Land, Legacy, and Opportunity: The Essence of Ranch Ownership

As a co-host on the Land Investor Podcast, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with remarkable individuals whose profound expertise spans diverse subjects such as conservation, nurturing wildlife habitats, restoring streams, responsible land management, and successful ranch operations. Reflecting on these enriching episodes, a recurring theme becomes strikingly evident – the opportunity of ownership. Delving […]

The Benefits of Owning a Vineyard in the Columbia Valley AVA

Industry-leading viticulturist Dick Boushey performed a detailed site assessment of Dream Big Vista Vineyard, excerpts from which are reflected in this article. His full assessment is available on request.   We know that investing in viticulture is a big decision and that location is everything to fulfill the financial success of your vineyard dream and […]

Eradicating Cheatgrass in Rangeland Operations

Cattle ranching plays a crucial role in global food production, providing a significant portion of the world’s meat supply. However, one of the persistent challenges faced by ranchers is the encroachment of invasive species, notably cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), on rangeland. Cheatgrass is a highly adaptable and aggressive grass that not only competes with native vegetation […]

Jim Vidamour, Broker of the Year in Residential Land Sales

Fay proudly announces that Jim Vidamour, ALC, from its La Veta, Colorado, office, has been awarded the prestigious APEX 2023 Region 6 Broker of the Year in Residential Land Sales. This accolade was presented by the REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI) as part of the RLI APEX Production Awards Program, sponsored by The Land Report, during […]

Fay Ranches Ranks for 13 Straight Years as Top Brokerage

Fay Ranches proudly achieved recognition as one of The Land Report’s top brokerages of 2023. This esteemed accolade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the land real estate sector, showcasing our significant contributions and leadership in the industry. Our inclusion in this prestigious list underscores the expertise, experience, and reliability we […]

Virtual Fencing: The Newest Innovation in Livestock Containment and Range Management

If you take a drive through the modern-day New England countryside, you will still find stone walls lining the edges of historic farm properties. These charming walls were very labor-intensive to build, as stones were removed from farm fields out of necessity; this created an opportunity to repurpose those stones for the containment of livestock […]

Montana’s New Game-Changer: House Bill 635 and Four Other Proven Strategies to Maximize Hunting Opportunities for Non-Resident Landowners

In one of our more recent Land Investor Podcast episodes, Montana Hunting Tags: Resident and Non-Resident Applications, my co-host Matt Henningsen and I dive into the strategies accessible to a non-resident landowner aiming to enhance their chances of obtaining a general license or special permit for big game hunting in Montana. Before I get into […]

Wyoming: Past, Present, Future – Crafting a Legacy

If you have embarked on a drive through the American West, the exploration will likely include the State of Wyoming. The state echoes with the whispers of its past, stands proudly in the present, and tirelessly builds its future. From the rutted tracks of the Oregon Trail to the cutting-edge frontiers of energy, Wyoming provides […]

Fay Ranches Broker Earns Title ‘Broker of the Year’

Fay Ranches, a leading land real estate company, is proud to announce that Joette Schalla, a distinguished team member, has been awarded the prestigious title of Broker of the Year by the Spanish Peaks Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This recognition underscores Joette’s unparalleled dedication and outstanding contributions to the real estate community.   The selection […]

Rising Star: LuKayzee Brink’s Victory and Journey in Rodeo

At the 2023 South Dakota Junior High School Rodeo in Rapid City, young rodeo athletes gathered to showcase their skills, with LuKayzee Brink standing out for her exceptional performance in the Goat Tying Championship. Winning this event, where she received a saddle sponsored by Fay Ranches and broker Mike Konstant, was a highlight in her […]

Triumph at Ariat World Series Roping in Vegas

The 17th Ariat World Series of Team Roping, proudly sponsored in part by Fay Ranches, concluded its nine record-breaking days on December 9-17 at the South Point Hotel, Arena, Equestrian Center, and Exhibit Hall in Las Vegas. The event began with the Riata Buckle Open to the World, culminating in the #7 Yeti Finale for […]

Strategic Investments: Practical Improvements to Enhance Your Property’s Value

As the fiscal year winds down, you may find yourself in the fortunate position of having enjoyed a prosperous year on your ranch or farm or through other business ventures. Now, you’re contemplating reinvesting in your property. This is a great position to be in, offering the potential opportunity to offset income for tax purposes […]

Investing for Now: A Ranch Broker and Interior Designer Discuss Common Hurdles Facing Modern Ranch Investors

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in the needs and wants of buyers. Pre-pandemic buyers typically wanted to buy bare land and build their own dream as opposed to buying into someone else’s. But that narrative has shifted. Buyers are looking for ranches they can enjoy now to serve as a refuge for their […]

Announcing Scott Hawes’ Election to RLI Western States Chapter

Scott Hawes Has Been Elected to RLI Western States Chapter as At-Large Director We are proud to announce our own Scott Hawes has been elected as an At-Large Director of the Realtors Land Institute’s (RLI) Western States Chapter, effective from 2024 – 2027. This prestigious position underscores Fay Ranches’ commitment to providing unrivaled industry expertise […]

Seasons of the Southeast: Fall is in the Air

The signs are here, and the mornings and evenings start to carry a cooler breeze. The dove fields cool down both in temperature and action. The days are still warm, but the cycle of Autumn is upon us. Soon, there will be a changing of the leaves along the plateaus and mountains and a cooling […]

Fay Ranches Sponsors 2023 COPWRA With Beautiful Saddle

October 14, 2023 Fay Ranches was part of a big night for up-and-coming rodeo cowboys and cowgirls on Saturday, October 14th, as the Central Oregon Pee Wee Rodeo Association had its annual awards banquet. Oregon brokers Scott Hawes and Alex Robertson, who have been regular sponsors of the youth organization, were responsible for sponsoring the […]

Three Compelling Reasons to Invest in Costa Rica

Costa Rica sits in the southern part of Central America. It offers miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, 28 National Parks, and temperatures that stay favorable year-round. Being easily accessible by air from a wide range of destinations and offering extraordinary scenery and adventure has made it a thriving […]

Social Capital in the Rural West

Welcome to the West! Maybe you have already been fortunate enough to purchase the ranch you have been dreaming of, or perhaps you are considering a move and searching for the perfect fit. You may already know that such an investment requires learning about water rights, mineral rights, river accretion and avulsion, carrying capacity, federal […]

Joette Schalla Speaks on Solar Leasing on LandGate

I have helped multiple clients place renewable energy development options on their properties, including two properties I own. I have the knowledge and connections to help landowners determine if their property is ideal for wind or solar development, and I maintain working relationships with over a dozen renewable developers with whom I can present potential […]