Whether you are investing in land or divesting an existing asset, choosing a land brokerage company to work with is an important decision. At Fay, we pride ourselves in the relationships we build and maintain with a vast network of investors and other stand-out land brokerage companies. As a result, Fay Ranches has the largest reach and exclusive access to the finest properties from coast to coast in the United States.


Fay Ranches was founded in Bozeman, Montana in 1992. Since that time, the company has established a network of offices from coast to coast and forged strategic alliances with other successful land brokerage companies in regions where we do not have offices. Fay Ranches is proud to provide our valued clients the most comprehensive network of trusted land professionals in the industry.

Our relationships, both with other brokerage companies and land investors, are at the root of our success and reach. Land investors and sporting enthusiasts who want to be the first to know when premier properties are available to come to us first. Today, more than 75 percent of our completed transactions start from these trusted relationships with direct associates, friends, repeat clientele and referrals.

We maintain an active and engaged database of over 65,000+ unique individuals and organizations. Our agents are in direct contact with qualified land investors. Each new property listing is distributed to our exclusive and proprietary database, providing an immediate and thorough canvassing of potential investors. Our diverse network of land investors is distributed throughout every region of the United States. This network is one of Fay’s most valuable assets, contributing tremendously to us having the most extensive reach in the business.



With offices from Oregon to Tennessee, Fay Ranches provides the most comprehensive team of trusted professionals available in the land brokerage industry.

Our brokers have years of experience transacting large working ranches, grain farms and large timber holdings. With multiple offices in Oregon, our brokers are also well connected in the Northwest region, providing coverage to California and Washington.

Fay Ranches covers all Rocky Mountain states; Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, with a team of seasoned professionals who have built a reputation for executing successful transactions on some of the most significant sporting properties, farms, ranches, and timber tracts.

Our brokers in the Southeastern states of Tennessee and South Carolina provide our clients with a vast selection of diverse and unique landscapes and habitats, including coastal marshes, historic plantations, productive rural farmland, bottomland hardwoods, and longleaf pine forests.

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In 2014, Fay Ranches formed a strategic alliance with Texas-based Republic Ranches. This significantly increased the reach of both of these powerful land brokerages. Republic Ranches is the only land brokerage company that covers the entirety of Texas and Oklahoma, providing an immediate portal for Fay Ranches into the coveted market of Texas land investors. Clients benefit from Fay Ranches and Republic Ranches’ cross-marketing strategy that has dramatically increased the exposure of each of our exclusive listings to a much larger and highly qualified audience.

This partnership significantly benefits our clients who are selling land and would like it exposed to the largest and most qualified audiences. Our extensive reach is also valuable for investors who want to work with a company that has an extensive and wide-ranging network of trusted land professionals who can source the finest land investments, from working farms and ranches to plantations and sporting properties. Reconnecting people to the land in a meaningful way is important to us and we strive every day to connect people with properties they value.

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