Whether you are investing in land or divesting an existing land asset, choosing a brokerage company to work with is an important decision. One of the most important things to consider is the “reach” of the company.   Fay Ranches has developed a network of offices from coast to coast as well as strategic alliances with the most successful land brokerage companies in regions we do not have offices. Subsequently, Fay Ranches is able to provide our valued clients the most comprehensive network of trusted land professionals that exists in the industry.



Since 1992, Fay has been developing strong relationships with land investors and sporting enthusiasts who want to be the first to know about the availability of truly great properties. That is why more than 75% of our completed transactions start from these trusted relationships nurtured over time: direct associates, friends, repeat clientele or referrals. With every new assignment, our team initiates a surge of direct calls companywide by Fay brokers to qualified land investors.

At Fay Ranches we have built a database of over 30,000 unique individuals and organizations who have elected to provide their information to Fay Ranches.  In addition to direct contact from our agents with qualified land investors, information on each new listing at Fay is distributed to our exclusive and proprietary database providing an immediate and thorough canvassing of potential investors.  Our network of land investors is distributed throughout every region of the United States and contributes tremendously to the most extensive reach in the business.  This is one of Fay’s most valuable assets.


Fay Ranches has offices from Oregon to Georgia providing the most comprehensive team of trusted land professionals available.  Our brokers in the Northwest are seasoned professionals with many years of experience transacting large working ranches, grain farms and large timber holdings.  Fay Ranches also covers the Rocky Mountain States from Montana to New Mexico with a team of seasoned professionals who have built a reputation for executing successful transactions on some of the most significant farms, ranches, and timber tracts.

Fay has expanded into the Southeastern United States, which provides our land investor clients with a variety of diverse and unique landscapes and habitats including coastal marshes, historic plantations, productive rural farmland, bottomland hardwoods and longleaf pine forests.

The Fay Ranches Southeast team also includes experienced land broker George “Mac” E. McGee IV.  Mac comes from one of the oldest families in Chattanooga and was raised in a family that has been brokering land in the Southeast for generations. Mac has a farming and timber background and is a passionate sportsman with extensive knowledge in habitat development for quail, waterfowl, turkey, and deer.  Mac is also an avid fly angler.  His diversity of knowledge and interests has contributed to Mac’s success in selling land and his unique ability to identify value. Mac is based out of Fay Ranches’ Chattanooga, TN office.


In 2014, Fay Ranches and Texas-based Republic Ranches forged an alliance that has significantly increased the reach of both of these powerful land brokerages.  Republic Ranches is the only land brokerage company that covers the entirety of Texas and Oklahoma, providing an immediate portal for Fay Ranches into the coveted market of Texas land investors. Executing a combined marketing strategy which includes placing the exclusive listings of each company onto the other companies’ website as well as cross-marketing in print and digital advertising, the agents at Fay and Republic have built trusted relationships to the benefit of our clients.  The two companies work in tandem on key event organization and sponsorship. One such event is the annual Texas Roadshow in which Greg Fay joins Republic Ranches’ agents in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin for a discussion of land issues.  The event is well attended by key investors.  The cross-marketing and collaborative efforts between these two companies have dramatically increased the exposure of each of our exclusive listings to a much larger and highly qualified audience.  The results have been immediate and highly beneficial to our valued clients.

Fay Ranches has forged a similar alliance with Boston based LandVest, the premier brokerage of significant land assets in the Northeast, providing Fay Ranches further depth of contact into the money centers of the East Coast.  The LandVest alliance includes placing the exclusive listings of each company on the other companies’ website as well as cross-marketing in print and digital media.  This collaborative effort has been tremendously beneficial for our clients providing significant additional exposure for each companies’ exclusive listings.

The aggregate value of these three powerhouse land brokerage companies leveraging the many years of relationship building with the most qualified land investors in the United States provides unparalleled reach within the industry.  This is beneficial for our clients who are selling their land and would like it exposed to the largest and most qualified audience possible. It is also important for investors who want to work with a company that has an extensive network of trusted land professionals to help source the highest quality land investments available from timber to working farms and ranches as well as plantations and sporting properties.