At Fay Ranches, our agents are honest, experienced professionals who share a deep understanding of and appreciation for the land. They are former attorneys, accountants, wildlife biologists, outfitters, and ranchers. Their expertise includes all traditional uses of land from timber to farming and ranching, as well as sporting pursuits like fly fishing, equestrian, waterfowl, upland bird and big game hunting.

We work together to benefit our clients, many of whom have diverse land investment portfolios that include income-producing properties as well as land with strong sporting attributes. Whatever your land investment goals, there is likely a Fay Ranches agent with specific knowledge and experience to help you.

Our Land Specialists

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Gregory W. Fay

Founder | Broker

Licensed in: MT, WY

(406) 586-4001
James Esperti Montana Ranch Broker Partner

James Esperti

Partner | Ranch Sales

Licensed in: MT, WY, ID

(406) 581-4795
Branif Scott MT Ranch Real Estate Broker Summit 2019

Branif Scott

Broker Associate

Licensed in: MT, WY

(406) 579-9599
Vinny Delgado Montana Ranch Sales Broker Summit 2019

Vinny Delgado

Ranch Sales

Licensed in: MT

(406) 253-0507
Mike DeShore Montana Ranch Property Broker Summit 2019

Mike DeShore

Broker Associate

Licensed in: MT

(406) 543-8888

John Anderson

Broker Associate

Licensed in: MT, ID

(406) 750-0820
Kimberly Lowry Montana Real Estate Broker Summit 2019

Kimberly Lowry

Broker Associate

Licensed in: MT

(406) 490-4323
RJ Patterson MT Ranch Real Estate Broker Summit 2019

RJ Patterson

Ranch Sales

Licensed in: MT, ID

(406) 544-6007
Kim Boyce Montana Real Estate Sales Associate

Kim Boyce

Ranch Sales

Licensed in: MT

(406) 535-3117
Kebi Smith Montana Wyoming Real Estate Agent Summit 2019

Kebi Smith

Ranch Sales

Licensed in: MT, WY

(406) 671-2436
Mike Konstant South Dakota Designated Broker Headshot2

Mike Konstant, ALC

Designated Broker

Licensed in: SD, WY, MT

(605) 641-0094
Neil Bangs Wyoming Ranch Sales Real Estate Agent Summit 2019

Neil Bangs

Sales Associate

Licensed in: WY

(307) 217-0327
Ranch Property Broker Wyoming Cheryl Summer Headshot 2020

Cheryl Summer

Associate Broker

Licensed in: WY, MT

(307) 217-2814
Kevin Stowe Wyoming Ranch Land Real Estate Sales Headshot

Kevin Stowe

Ranch Sales

Licensed in: WY

(307) 247-5592
Scott Hawes Oregon Idaho Ranch Sales Broker Summit 2019

Scott Hawes

Principal Broker

Licensed in: OR, ID

(541) 419-0770
Jerry Hicks Oregon Ranch Farm Realtor Summit 2019

Jerry Hicks

Principal Broker

Licensed in: OR

(541) 420-0679
Ken Bentz Oregon Real Estate Broker

Ken Bentz

Principal Broker

Licensed in: OR, NV

(541) 647-0657
Dave Halgerson Idaho Ranch Sales Broker Summit 2019

Dave Halgerson

Principal Broker

Licensed in: ID, OR

(208) 869-8807
Curtis Ferney Idaho Ranch Sales Broker Headshot 2020

Curtis Ferney

Broker Associate

Licensed in: ID

(208) 709-0001
Dixie Barry Idaho Farm and Ranch Sales Head Shot

Dixie Barry

Farm & Ranch Sales

Licensed in: ID

(208) 606-6494
Troy Dana Washington Timber Real Estate Agent Summit 2019

Troy Dana

Designated Broker

Licensed in: WA

(360) 402-5500
Paul Valentine Washington Land Real Estate Broker Summit 2019

Paul Valentine

Managing Broker

Licensed in: WA

(360) 239-1994
Jim Vidamour Colorado New Mexico Ranch Broker Summit 2019

Jim Vidamour, ALC

Principal Broker

Licensed in: CO, NM

(719) 890-4590
Charlene Olsen Colorado Real Estate Broker Summit 2019

Charlene Olsen

Broker Associate

Licensed in: CO

(719) 989-9989
William Cooper Tennessee Ranch Real Estate Summit 2019

William B. Cooper

Principal Broker

Licensed in: TN, SC, MS

(615) 427-1146

Support Staff

Jennifer Barth

Allison Miles

Director of Operations and Marketing

Licensed in: MT, UT

Ashley Keller Marketing

Ashley Keller

Marketing & Land Investor Magazine Coordinator

Bozeman, MT

Heidi Maxwell Administrative Assistant

Heidi Maxwell

Executive Administrative Assistant

Bozeman, MT

Jennifer Barth

Jennifer Barth

Office Manager: Database Administrator

Bozeman, MT

Meredith Johnson Licensed Assistant Summit 2019

Meredith Johnson

Licensed Assistant to Greg Fay & James Esperti

Licensed in: MT

Sarah Sloan Real Estate Licensed Assistant Summit 2019

Sarah Sloan

Licensed Assistant to Vinny Delgado & Branif Scott

Licensed in MT

Denise Adams Oregon Assistant

Denise Adams

Assistant to Ken Bentz

Crane, OR

Sharon Miller Colorado Assistant Headshot 2020

Sharon Miller

Assistant to Jim Vidamour

La Veta, CO

Our Partners

To best serve our clients and further expand our reach, we have forged strategic partnerships with Republic Ranches and Land Vest. Because of these relationships, we are able to provide an unmatched level of service for our clients. These partnerships are built on trust and a shared appreciation for outdoor recreation, which has given us a team of agents from coast to coast that we know and trust.

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Representing TX, CO, NM, OK, AR, LA

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Representing New England

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