Seth Johnson

Seth Johnson

Ranch Sales
Licensed in: ID

Seth Johnson is a ranch sales agent in Idaho. He was raised by a small farm/ranch community in Idaho.  There he acquired the principles of hard work, do it right the first time, and don’t stop until the job is done. Luckily for him, growing up in Idaho was the perfect place for Seth to learn the ropes of ranch life and master riding horses. Being taught the values of dependability and honesty goes hand in hand with this lifestyle. This is where he also developed his love for the land as a young boy riding horses in the mountains surrounding his home, hunting, camping, mixed in with the work of fixing fences, and bailing hay alongside his family.

Wanting the reliance on his own actions and resources, he got right to work building an excavation and construction company in his early 20’s. This allowed him unique opportunities and invaluable experience working on property developments and a great deal about financial accounting, marketing, and the overall skills necessary to operate a successful business.  While growing this business, he has developed a reputation for delivering high-quality projects on time. Seth believes that the only way to build a lasting business is to serve your clients and customers with the highest degree of honesty, integrity, and care.

With the construction company off and running, Seth started a transition into property sales. He immediately found great success, as he was one of the top producers in South East Idaho the same year he acquired his real estate license. Seth’s first-hand experience has given him the knowledge of farming/ranching operations and understanding what many buyers are looking for when purchasing land. His negotiating expertise makes him an untiring advocate for his clients. He has had the privilege of helping people make their dreams of property ownership come true for almost a decade and has truly enjoyed it.

Seth and his wife Suzette live in Inkom, Idaho, where they have raised their five kids. They continue to enjoy living on their ranch, where he does a little farming, with the company of his kids and grandkids. His free time is spent exploring the mountains in Idaho as well as the neighboring states. His exploring includes camping, hunting, and fishing. But his favorite hobbies are accomplished on the back of one of his horses on a mountain trail or in an arena chasing a roping steer.