Here at Fay Ranches, our agents are the backbone of the company. They are knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who share our appreciation for the land and believe in caring for it and enjoying it with others. Our values can be summed up in our four pillars on which the company was founded: Conservation, Investment Value, Family and Sporting Pursuits. These pillars are paramount to everything we do, including our search for new agents.

We are currently accepting inquiries from agents interested in joining the Fay Ranches team. With offices from coast-to-coast and strategic alliances with other brokerages in the U.S., our positions are more opportunity-based than location-based. While we are actively seeking agents in strategic locations throughout the country, we are open to adding good, honest people whose professional backgrounds have prepared them for doing significant land transactions. The ideal candidates are individuals with transactional experience who work hard, have an excellent network of relationships, and are located in an area where there is enough product to make a living.

Our clients are successful business people with significant land assets and high expectations. We take great pride in the efforts to conserve our countries prestigious landscapes and value working with landowners who share these same values. It is crucial to us that land remain productive, whether a farm, ranch, or plantation. We are fascinated with the interrelation of productive agricultural land with quality fish and wildlife habitats.

If Fay Ranches sounds like it may be a good fit, feel free to reach out to a Fay agent in your area, or call us here at the main office in Bozeman, Montana.

If you think you’d be a good fit at Fay Ranches and Fay Ranches would be a good fit for you, we’d love to visit with you. Please contact Fay Ranches directly at 406.586.4001 or

Fay Ranches is Actively Seeking Agents in:


South Carolina, Mississippi, Georgia

Fay Ranches Southeast is expanding throughout the Southeastern region; our agents are licensed in Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia. The agents in these locations are generating a tremendous amount of momentum due to their experience, competence, and drive.

If you believe you’d be a good fit with Fay Ranches Southeast, please contact us!

Please contact Fay Ranches directly at:
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Nevada, New Mexico

We are actively seeking experienced, ethical, land, ranch and luxury property Brokers in Nevada and New Mexico, and the Western United States. Fay Ranches is one of the largest private land brokerage company in the country and we have teamed up with Texas-based Republic Ranches and work together to bring unprecedented reach to this marketplace.

If you believe you’d be a good fit in this growing market, contact us and let’s discuss your potential future with Fay Ranches.

Please contact Fay Ranches directly at:
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Rocky Mountains

Wyoming, Utah

Fay Ranches is adding to our Wyoming team. Our Wyoming agents have excellent relationships and connections throughout the state and are looking for a team member to engage and service the southern counties of Carbon, Albany, Platte, Goshen, and Laramie.

Fay Ranches is expanding to Utah. We are seeking experienced, ethical, Brokers to extend the Fay Ranches platform throughout the BeeHive state.

If you believe that you be a good fit for our Wyoming team, contact us to discuss your possible future with Fay Ranches!

Please contact Fay Ranches directly at:
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