Fay Rural Community Foundation


At Fay Ranches, we believe the most significant changes happen when people come together – in partnership, collaboration, and generosity.

We live, work, and play in America’s rural communities, and we see that we can provide resources and opportunities to help conserve those strong communities. The Fay Rural Community Foundation is where individuals, families, and businesses come together to leave a legacy of giving. We strive to help rural communities create a better future for their families by connecting people with purpose through healthcare, education, and youth initiatives.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 97% of America can be considered rural, and 76% of incorporated towns have a population of fewer than 5,000 residents. These statistics give us perspective on the impact rural communities have on the rest of the country. These communities generate 85% of the food consumed by the nation but until recently, have received substantially less federal funding than their urban counterparts. Rural communities have historically faced many more hurdles and significantly fewer resources when compared to urban populations. Providing sustainable resources to rural America has a significant impact on their communities as well as a domino effect on the rest of the country.


At the Fay Rural Community Foundation, we envision a future in which rural America continues to be strong, where families choose to live and have access to quality education, healthcare, and growth opportunities for generations to come.


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Fay Rural Community Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity organization and tax exempt under section 509(a)(2). You may deduct charitable contributions made to our organization.