With over 150 years of combined real estate experience, it’s no surprise that the Women of Fay Ranches are such an integral part of the overall success, direction, and culture of Fay Ranches. From multi-generational cattle ranchers, hunters, anglers, community leaders, rodeo athletes, entrepreneurs, conservationists, and aviators, to equine enthusiasts and scholars, these women embody the true spirit of Fay Ranches. Their passion for client integrity and stewardship, tied together with incomparable ethics, is incredibly inspirational and motivating.

For over thirty years, Fay Ranches has worked hard to maintain the trust we have earned from our clients, and the Women of Fay Ranches not only symbolize that tradition, they represent it.

If bridging their resources, opening collaboration, and sharing their knowledge is just the beginning, we can’t wait to see how their ensuing contributions help influence our company for years to come.

It is a privilege to stand side-by-side with such an amazing group.



Greg Fay, Founder/ Broker