Greg Fay is a pioneer in the land investment industry, founding Fay Fly Fishing Properties in 1992, the first land brokerage firm in the west to focus on recreation and its contribution to the overall value of the land. This aspect of the land investment arena has grown considerably since we first brought it to the forefront as a quantifiable value.

Today, Fay Ranches continues to broaden and diversify investment opportunities across the country, specializing in the marketing and sale of the finest farms, ranches, timberland, plantations, vineyards, and sporting properties from coast to coast.

Through our dedication to investment value and conservation, we have built a network of relationships and partnerships including our Strategic Alliance with Texas-based Republic Ranches. Together we offer unparalleled reach and direct contact with the most qualified landowners and investors from coast to coast and internationally.

With over 30 years of business, we have reached a point in development where we are able to give back to the communities where we live, work, and play. That is why we created the Fay Rural Community Foundation, to support strong rural communities where families have access to quality education, healthcare and growth opportunities for generations to come.

Fay Ranches was built on four pillars, which have guided our growth and success over the years: Family, Investment Value, Sporting Pursuits, and Conservation.  This shared commitment is the basis for the relationships we build and the quality of business we execute. It is upon this foundation that Fay Ranches has grown to become the top land brokerage firm in the country; it truly is Who We Are.


Our staff and agents are not only avid outdoorsmen and women but we are also dedicated family men and women who love to spend time on the land and build memories with our families. We understand the value of working and playing outdoors with loved ones and the bond these shared experiences can create within the family, whether moving cows or skipping stones. There’s nothing better than helping a valued client find that perfect property, and then participating in or hearing about the wonderful experiences shared by family and friends on the land. This, in our opinion, is what life is all about.


Fay’s experienced and knowledgeable staff and brokers are second to none when it comes to identifying value. We are immersed in the marketplace every day and are the first to hear of new opportunities. We listen to the goals of our clients and utilize our knowledge and our willingness to “beat the bushes” to find the ideal investment. The agents at Fay bring a diversity of professional knowledge to our clients including timber expertise, ranch management, fish and game outfitting, financial services, and decades of land valuation.


At Fay Ranches, the outdoors are always calling. Whether we are horseback riding, bird hunting, fly fishing, big game hunting or just being outside with friends and family, these pursuits are a shared passion at Fay Ranches. Even when we are not working, we are “on the ground”, discovering and researching the ever-evolving market of the land business. Our passion for the outdoors and knowledge of land contributes greatly to our ability to find our clients the perfect ranch, timberland, farm, or sporting property.


Each of us at Fay Ranches has a love of the land and a desire to see it remain as productive agricultural ground as well as quality fish and wildlife habitat. Through promoting the use of thoughtful land stewardship, Fay Ranches has guided owners toward a legacy of conserving wide open spaces, enhancing and creating fisheries and wildlife habitats, and implementing sustainable agricultural operations. Fay Ranches is proud to say that since our company began in 1992, the landscape on which we work has been significantly enhanced by the conservation ethic and land-use practices of our clients.



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