Fay Ranches will continue its longstanding dedication to our clientele via an aggressive and thoughtful marketing plan that has been refined continuously for over 30 years. We also remain dedicated to staying ahead of the market in terms of new technologies and the changing landscape of media convergence.

One of Fay Ranches’ trademarks over the past 30+ years is executing a marketing strategy that sets us apart in the industry by promoting clients’ properties and utilizing all available media resources.

Fay Ranches’ commitment to every client and property represented will be done so in a professional manner, and each aspect of the business relationship and transaction will be carefully planned and executed. Fay Ranches knows its clients’ properties are exceptional, and the marketing of those properties will reflect the same. We continue to look for innovative opportunities to ensure the success of our clients’ properties.

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To provide the highest property exposure as “eyes to the world,” fayranches.com is designed to achieve increased exposure through SEO optimization and digital responsiveness. Each individual listing is featured with its own page, including color photographs, property descriptions, and a full-color, downloadable brochure.

Our website is extensive and generates a great deal of business for us. Fayranches.com is submitted to each major search engine and online channel, including, but not limited to, The Land Report and Luxury Real Estate via top browsers Safari, Bing, and Google, to name a few.

We are also active participants in social media. Prominent sites like FacebookLinkedIn, YouTube, and Vimeo, among others, are social media channels we actively utilize to promote our clients’ properties to an active audience of friends, fans, and prospective buyers.

Other benefits we offer are our electronic Newsletters and e-blasts emailed to our proprietary database of nearly 80,000 current and potential clients.

Very special properties warrant the exceptional brokerage service platform of Fay Ranches. As a team with a proven record of success, and deep appreciation for the land and its traditions, we will maximize the audience to which your unique property will be exposed. If your idea of the dream lifestyle includes a portfolio gleaning the most valuable and most beautiful properties in the world, we invite you to learn more about our approach.


Fay Ranches also utilizes print advertising in various local, regional, national, and international publications such as The Land Report, Wall Street Journal, Open Fences, and Covey Rise to name a few.



Individual property brochures are created for every property we list. The brochure provides customers with pertinent details, numerous full-color photographs, detailed maps of the property, and information about the surrounding area, including proximity to national parks, airports, and commercial centers.



Fay Ranches first published Land Investor magazine in 2015 as a resource for clients interested in exclusive listings and informative articles about land management, investment opportunities, and more. Today, Land Investor is published once a year by Fay Ranches in collaboration with Republic Ranches and is distributed in time for the holidays. The magazine features over 150 exclusive property listings for ranches, farms, plantations, and vineyards in more than a dozen states from coast to coast. Land Investor continues to grow. It is distributed electronically to a proprietary list of current and potential clients from Fay and Republic’s databases of over 30,000 subscribers. Hard copies of the magazine are mailed to high-profile brokers and landowners across Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, and Colorado, as well as the top 100 landowners in the United States.

Land Investor Cover Vol 8

This beautiful publication features helpful articles on managing your land, how to buy a ranch, investing in timber, ranch life, and more.