Known as the land of 10,000 haystacks, the Big Hole Valley is quietly famous for its quality grasslands, incredible scenery, open spaces, and western charm. The Arrow Ranch, comprised of 14,982± acres of massive meadows, extensive grassland and sagebrush hillsides, year-round creeks, and tree-covered mountains, is one of the most agriculturally productive and recreationally valuable ranches in the Big Hole Valley.  Everything on the Arrow Ranch can be measured in the thousands, over a thousand tons of hay produced annually, thousands of native trout in the 15± miles of streams, and thousands of acres of private lands supporting thousands of elk and deer. The Arrow Ranch borders over 10± miles of National Forest.  Fay Ranches is honored to offer one of the finest investment ranches in Montana’s Big Hole Valley.

The Arrow Ranch offers massive meadows, prairie habitat with large grassy and sagebrush-covered hills, streambeds dotted with cottonwood and willows, and hillsides covered with aspen, pine, and fir trees. As a best-in-class agricultural operation, the grass and pastureland support the production of large volumes of grass hay and cattle. The Arrow Ranch and the adjoining National Forest also host extensive elk, deer, and moose populations.

With thousands of flood irrigated acres from over 130± different water rights, the Arrow Ranch annually produces 2,000 to 3,000± round bales or 1,400 to 2,100± tons depending on the year. Hay and grass production is supported by ample natural water resources and abundant annual snowfall. An estimated 650 to 800± mother cows live year-round on the Arrow Ranch, with an additional 500 to 600± during southwest Montana’s summer months.

An abundant elk population resides on the Arrow Ranch and adjoining National Forest. Hunting pressure tends to be low during the archery season with large elk herds roaming onto Arrow Ranch property. With colder weather, local deer and elk populations migrate to private land creek bottoms. During rifle season, thousands of elk forage on ranch property. Additionally, antelope, bear, and moose reside on the Arrow Ranch. Sage and mountain grouse can be found on the ranch for the upland bird hunter.

The Arrow Ranch offers an opportunity for a fortunate land investor to embark on a special adventure that provides security and safety for their family, as well as a lifetime of enjoyment.


  • 14,982± acres of meadows, grasslands, creeks, and tree-covered hillsides
  • 12,965± acres under conservation easement with the Nature Conservancy
  • Located in the upper Big Hole Valley, surrounded by the Pioneer, Anaconda Pintler, and Beaverhead Mountain ranges
  • Supports an estimated 650 to 800± mother cows year-round with an additional 500 to 600± during Montana's summer months
  • Produces approximately 2,000 to 3,000± round bales of hay, translating into 1,400 to 2,100± tons
  • Over 130± separate water rights appurtenant with the property
  • More than 15± miles of live tributary water with excellent small stream trout fishing
  • One of the finest elk hunting ranches requiring a general tag in Montana Hunting District 321
  • Upland bird hunting for sage and mountain grouse
  • Tasteful log-style primary residence with several additional dwellings and outbuildings
  • Borders 10± miles of National Forest, providing deeded access to millions of acres of public lands
  • Local airport access in Dillon, with commercial airports in Butte and Bozeman
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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