Located below the West Mountains in Central Idaho, the Branch Keyhole Ranch spans across a vast expanse of undulating hills and fragmented waterways. It shares its eastern border with the Payette National Forest, encompassing timbered drainages. The ranch comprises 10,705± deeded acres and an additional 86,673± acres of grazing leases, encompassing areas managed by the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and Idaho State Land.

Traditionally, the ranch supported approximately 950 pairs of cattle year-round. As the grass matures, the cattle can be led from the lower elevations into the higher regions. Due to a fire that occurred south of the forest service allotment last summer, the grazing capacity for the next two summer seasons will be limited to a total of 375 pairs of the 710 allotted.

The home place includes approximately 600± acres of irrigated cropland and an additional 600± acres of dryland farming. The ranch features three residences, necessary infrastructure, and corrals, epitomizing the classic Western cattle ranch setting.

The Little Weiser River, along with the South Fork of Grays Creek and King Hill Creek in the upper summer pastures, runs through the property. Crane Creek meanders through the home ranch for approximately 3.2± miles, while Granger Creek flows into Crane Creek. Numerous smaller tributaries and springs dot the ranch, making it highly suitable for productive grazing. Abundant water sources and diverse wildlife populations, including elk, mule deer, turkey, bear, and upland birds, thrive within the ranch’s big sagebrush hills and timbered areas. This natural environment serves as a haven for wildlife. The Branch Keyhole Ranch offers year-round versatility, boasting some of the finest grasslands in Southern Idaho, as well as various recreational opportunities typical of a mountain ranch throughout all four seasons.


  • 10,705± deeded acres
  • 86,673± acres of grazing leases on FS, BLM and ID State land
  • 3 homes along with corrals, barns, equipment sheds hay storage and more
  • No shipping needed, this is the ideal drift ranch
  • 600± acres of irrigation with 5 pivots and wheel lines, plus 600± acres of dryland. Crops grown include alfalfa, corn, oats, and wheat
  • Wildlife consisting of elk, mule deer, turkey, and bear
  • Pheasant hunting that is over the top
  • Borders the Payette National Forest and BLM Land
  • Four live creeks flow through the ranch
  • Historically the ranch can support up to 950 pair
  • 115 miles north of Boise, Idaho
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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