Mallard Rest has been the private Mississippi Delta duck hunting property of Memphis’s former cotton merchant William B. Dunavant, Jr. for almost 40 years. As one of the world’s most successful cotton merchants, Mr. Dunavant entertained family, friends, and associates through the decades. Mr. Dunavant has long been respected as a very generous supporter of conservation efforts and continues to contribute to waterfowl conservation through Ducks Unlimited.

This property has been featured in books, spoken of reverentially amongst duck hunting enthusiasts, and celebrated for decades as one of the south’s most productive and famed duck hunting properties. After nearly four decades of being well-managed and enjoyed, Mallard Rest is now available for purchase.

The professionally managed, diverse farm consists of approximately 4,553± acres of row crops, food plots, flooded timber, and cypress swamps and is a magnet to migrating waterfowl pushing down through the Mississippi Flyway into Tallahatchie County every year. Flooded timber and crop fields provide exceptional opportunities for a variety of waterfowl, including mallards, pintails, specklebelly geese, and a variety of other species. Buzzard Bayou and Mikoma Swamp are large water features that dominate the farm’s landscape, providing excellent resting areas for ducks. The survey shows 3,662.5± acres of deeded acreage with another approximately 890± acres leased long-term. Approximately 1,450± acres are in active agricultural row-crop production, and another 300± acres are dedicated to planted duck impoundments. Trophy whitetail deer and wild turkey are also found at Mallard Rest, providing additional excellent hunting opportunities. A modest lodge, caretaker’s house, large equipment shed, interior road system, and water wells are present on the property. A large and detailed list of machinery and personal property is also available for purchase but is not included in the list price.


  •  Private duck hunting property in the heart of the Mississippi Delta
  • Owned by former cotton merchant and waterfowl conservationist William “Billy” B. Dunavant Jr of Memphis TN
  • Totals approximately 4,553 acres - 3,662.5 surveyed of deeded land, 890 acres of leased land
  • Of 890 acres leased, 640 in 16th Section lease while other 250 in separate leases
  • Of the 4,553 total acres, approximately 1,750 are cultivated for row-cropping or food plots
  • Of the approximately 1,750 cultivated acres, about 300 are planted annually for flooded duck food plots
  • Tallahatchie County area is in traditional hotspot of MS Delta for duck and deer hunting
  • Property is renowned for its mallard populations
  • Other species commonly seen are gadwall, pintail, wood ducks, widgeon and teal
  • Buzzard Bayou and Mikoma Swamp on the property, as well as many backwater sloughs
  • Modest 4 bedroom and 4 bath rancher-style main lodge (or house)
  • Caretaker’s house

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