The Red River Valley Farm Portfolio is a unique opportunity to acquire a large, high-quality farmland portfolio at a scale rarely seen. The portfolio’s 13,982± acres are concentrated along the Red River in Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma. This region’s local livestock and poultry markets have strong grain demand, which helps to support a positive basis over the CBOT. Excellent water resources have already been developed to irrigate over 4,000 acres of the farm and the potential is there to increase this number significantly. The farm portfolio is also being offered in smaller packages as follows:

259 Farms

This large farm consists of 7,220± total acres in four main tracts along the Highway 259 corridor, consisting of a combination of River Valley, Knosby, Lancaster, and Columbus farms.

Three Sides Farm

Three Sides Farm is a historic, large, and highly productive farm offering 4,484± total acres located along nearly five miles of the Red River in Northeast Texas. This top-end farm has the potential for exceptional yields with the right grower! Three Sides Farm is located in one contiguous tract and has large field sizes, which helps maximize farm efficiency. The farm’s abundant wildlife is an added bonus for the sportsman or those looking to benefit from hunting lease income. Additionally, Three Sides has the potential to carry a cattle herd which further diversifies the income stream on this capable farming operation.

Kautz Farm

Kautz Farm has had a history of exceptional yields thanks to its fertile Class 1 soil and a high percentage of irrigation. This farm offers 1,707± acres and is a grower’s favorite thanks to its consistency, yield potential, and well-drained soil that allows for earlier planting. The well-drained soil, capable irrigation, and proximity to Paris and DFW would make this a good sod farm candidate as well. Abundant wildlife allows for excellent hunting in the fall or additional income from year-round hunting leases on the farm.

Foreman Farm

This farm is comprised of 571± acres offered in three tracts, all located within just a few minutes of each other. One pivot covers 123± acres and several water wells produce sufficient flow for pivot irrigation.


  • 13,982± Acres
  • 11,335± Tillable Acres
  • 4,193± Irrigated Acres
  • 259 Farms | 7,220± total acres
  • Three Sides Farm | 4,484± total acres
  • Kautz Farm | 1,707± total acres
  • Foreman Farm | 571± total acres
  • Acreage concentrated along the Red River in Northeast Texas and Southeast Oklahoma
  • Over 1 million bushels of grain storage capacity
  • Red River pumping rights
  • This region’s local livestock and poultry markets have strong grain demand
  • Excellent water resources
  • Potential is there to increase irrigatable acreage significantly
  • Location: Lamar, Bowie and Red River Counties, TX; Little River County, AR; McCurtain County, OK
  • Bryan Pickens, Partner/Broker Associate | (214) 552-4417 |
  • Jonathan Trantham, Agent | (214) 592-3706 |
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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