The Brackett Ranch is a sprawling desert ranch divided by the border between South East Oregon and South West Idaho. This is big cow country made up of rolling sage and grass-covered hills with deep draws. The cattle are outside grazing much of the year coming in in the fall to wild meadows and a few months of wild hay feeding. The ranch has the capacity to run 1,000 plus cows year around. The ranch is and has been a “real” cow outfit. The improvements are adequate and serviceable.

The ranch is set up to produce 1,000+ healthy, hardy five weight calves. These calves are high-value cattle sought after to go to grass in California in mid-November. This is an operation that a cow person can make work economically. There are five grazing permits. Three BLM permits and two small State of Idaho leases. There is also some small FFR land and some exchange-of-use on Succor Creek. The Mahogany Mountain permit runs down into the Owyhee River canyon which will provide early grass because of the elevation change. The permit in Idaho burned in 2015 and the grass that has come back is unbelievable. All of the permits are in good standing with the agency. There are no horses and very little riparian or other problem areas. As with many permits the AUMs represent a fraction of the available forage. These permit are open and fairly easy to move cattle from one to the other. The cattle can be trailed to and from any part of the ranch. There is little or no need for any trucking while on the ranch.


  • 9,313.57± acres
  • Dessert Ranch-South East Oregon & South West Idaho
  • Outside Grazing | Fall Wild Meadows
  • Ranch is setup to produce 1,000± healthy, hardy five weight calves
  • 3 BLM Permits
  • 2 Small State of Idaho leases
  • 4 Separate Water Sources
  • 4 Homes (maintained)
  • 3 Shops | 2 Sets of Corrals | Weaning Pens
  • Sheds | Out Buildings

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