Let’s get Western! If rural living, an honest day of work, wide open spaces, and a chance to connect with the fundamentals of life are your goals, then we have a fantastic ranch waiting for you. Yes, sir, the Giorgi Ranch will check all these boxes and then some! Sometimes as wild as the Native Americans that first lived on this land, this is your chance to escape the noise and confusion of the modern day.

The Giorgi Ranch features 2,545± total deeded acres, with 766± acres of irrigated hay and pasture and almost 1,800± acres of rangeland, rimrocks, and big game hunting grounds. An owner-operator can run this efficient ranch as a great hay farm, cattle operation, or a combination of both. The Giorgi Ranch is well equipped with an excellent infrastructure and includes three homes, one bunkhouse, a sizeable shop, a horse barn, corrals, cattle scales, a squeeze chute, and leadup. Eight irrigation pivots, multiple wheel lines, and gated pipe round out the major systems on this well-balanced ranch.

The current owner has also had excellent big game hunting success, harvesting several nice mule deer bucks and large Rocky Mountain bull elk over the past 20± years. With three landowner preference tags for buck mule deer and bull Rocky Mountain elk and access to thousands of acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM), you’re sure to scratch your big game hunting itch here at the Giorgi Ranch.

Located one-hour southeast of Prineville, this excellent ranch is surrounded by other large ranch holdings in the rural farm and ranch community of Paulina, Oregon. This community is known for growing high-quality alfalfa and hay, producing healthy livestock, and continuing its rural culture. Surrounded by the Maury Mountains to the south and the Ochoco Mountains to the north, with Beaver Creek flowing through the valley and to the Crooked River, you’re sure to see something new every day.

A rural lifestyle, peace and quiet, unsurpassed beauty, and a productive and efficient Central Oregon ranch are what you will find here on the Giorgi Ranch.


  • 2,545± acres
  • 766± acres of irrigation
  • 1,800± acres of rangeland
  • Beaver Creek frontage
  • Three homes and one bunkhouse
  • Productive hay and cattle operation
  • Excellent ranch infrastructure
  • Access to thousands of acres of BLM land
  • 3 landowner preference tags
  • 1 hour southeast of Prineville, Oregon

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