Nestled within the heart of eastern Montana, Ringling Ranch II spans approximately 4,444± deeded acres, standing as a true prairie gem. This expansive and unblemished property unveils an extraordinary grassland ecosystem, offering a rare and captivating window into the untamed beauty of this region. Notably, Ringling Ranch II distinguishes itself through its unwavering dedication to conservation and preservation.

Dominated by its sprawling grasslands, softly undulating hills, and expansive skies, Ringling Ranch II has become a sanctuary for native and migratory wildlife, embodying its commitment to fostering and safeguarding the natural environment. The importance of water, often likened to a ranch’s lifeblood, is abundantly evident here, sourced through wells, pipelines, seasonal creeks, and reservoirs. This intricate network of water sources serves as a lifeline for the resident livestock and the vibrant wildlife populations that call this place home.

Sturdy and meticulously maintained fences mark the boundaries of the property, and a delicate equilibrium struck between safeguarding the ranch’s precious resources and allowing the free movement of indigenous wildlife and livestock. This harmonious coexistence ensures the conservation of the ranch’s integrity while respecting the rhythms of nature.

For those with diverse inclinations – be it ranching, conservation, a passion for wildlife, or a simple yearning for communion with nature – Ringling Ranch II holds an irresistible allure. Its sprawling 4,444± acres stand as a testament to the unspoiled grandeur of eastern Montana’s landscape, a testament to the vitality of the prairie beneath the expansive expanse of the open sky.


  • 4,444± deeded acres and 160± acres BLM cattle ranch located in the picturesque landscape of eastern Montana
  • Well-watered with reservoirs, 2 wells, pipeline, and 6 tanks
  • Located 10 miles north of Ekalaka via Plevna County Road
  • Cross-fenced into 4 pastures
  • Wildlife includes mule deer, antelope, grouse, turkeys, ducks, and geese
  • Conservation easement with Montana Land Reliance with building envelope protecting the land for future generations
  • In Hunting District 705 for antelope, deer, and elk
  • New well drilled in 2023
  • Family owned and operated since 1970s
  • Good protection for wildlife and livestock with rolling hills, draws and tree-lined creek beds

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