Bend Oregon Fishing Trip | Priceless Family Memories

A blog by Jesica Hicks, Fay Ranches Broker

FAMILY | Our staff and agents are not only avid outdoorsmen and women, we are also dedicated family men and women who love to spend time on the land and build memories with our families. We understand the value of working and playing outdoors with loved ones and the bond these shared experiences can create within the family, whether moving cows or skipping stones. There’s nothing better than helping a valued client find that perfect property, and then participating in or hearing about the wonderful experiences shared by family and friends on the land. This, in our opinion, is what life is all about.

Last summer, Team Hicks of Fay Ranches had the honor of listing one of the most special river properties on the market in Central Oregon, White Rock Ranch in Bend, Oregon. Jesica, of Team Hicks, shares their family’s experience on this exceptional property last August 2018.

It was the perfect, typical August day in Central Oregon; sunny and 78 degrees, and not a cloud in sight. We were excited to ditch work a little early to go enjoy the Central Oregon lifestyle on the White Rock Ranch. This ranch is truly special and unique with almost a mile of private Deschutes River frontage and completely unobstructed views of the Cascade Mountains, including Three Sisters, Broken Top and Mount Bachelor.

We loaded up the cooler, fishing poles, inner tubes and side by side Honda and set out for an afternoon of family fun. The kids were excited to float the river and the adults were excited to relax and sip on some our favorite IPA’s from the local brewery scene.

As we entered the main gate of the property, Morgan (Hunter’s better half), commented on how private and peaceful it was, but still only minutes to downtown Bend and the Redmond Airport. Jerry replied, “Wait until you see the beach.” As we made our way down the private access to the river, it looked like a park. Right along the river bank was a large grassy area, a picnic table and a few trees, providing the perfect amount of shade. And we had it all to ourselves!

Before we could unload, Mason stripped down to his swim trunks and ran down the dock yelling “CANNONBALL!” We looked up just in time to see the big splash. We all laughed, and Hunter commented that he wished he had gotten that on video. Mason quickly replied, “I can do it again!” And he did, several times.

Finley wanted to catch a fish, so Levi baited her hook and patiently coached her on her casting technique. After several bites, he helped her reel in a small rainbow trout. To her it was the lunker she was looking for and the smile on her face was priceless. She still tells the story of the “monster” fish she caught that day.

Everyone was starting to get hungry, so we fired up the BBQ and made some burgers. Sitting around the picnic table with my family, I felt lucky that we got to experience the family fun this property offers. My hope is that whoever ends up with this property understands how special it is and creates their own family legacy retreat to pass down through the generations.

To end the perfect summer day, we gathered around the fire pit on the back patio while taking in the panoramic river and Cascade Mountain views that Central Oregon is known for. The s’mores were just a bonus.

White Rock Ranch…Where priceless family memories are waiting to be made.


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