Positioned west of Highway 95 in Malheur County, Oregon, and moments from the Nevada border, Vance Ranch commands the landscape. It encompasses 2,662± deeded acres, with an expansive 61,676± acres in overlapping grazing allotment, showcasing its vastness and functional excellence.

Central to Vance Ranch is its role as a cattle sanctuary, skillfully managing 770± animal units and consistently producing high-grade protein from its esteemed calf crop. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Owyhee Desert, Trout Creek Mountains, and Santa Rosa Range, the ranch is home to experienced cowboys and their loyal horses and dogs, preserving the ageless traditions of ranching. Their work is a tribute to the cowboy heritage, cementing a lasting legacy.

Cooperating with the Bureau of Land Management and neighboring ranches, Vance Ranch stands as a beacon of sustainable ranching. Situated in Oregon, the ranch enjoys the advantages of the state’s profound ranching history, including economical feed, low operating costs, plentiful water, and top-tier ranch facilities, offering a singular chance to possess a segment of Oregon’s vast landscape.

The story of Vance Ranch is a rich tapestry deeply intertwined with the American West’s vibrant history. Nestled near McDermitt, Nevada, this area boasts historical roots that trace back to the mid-19th century, reflecting a time when it was pivotal for military and stagecoach routes. The ranch’s association with the legendary Miller and Lux land company and its significant role in the transformative ranching developments of the 1960s further elevate its storied past. This connection adds layers to its narrative, positioning Vance Ranch not just as a piece of property but as a living, breathing piece of American history steeped in the legacy of the West.

The Vance Ranch showcases an exemplary cattle operation with a systematic approach to grazing and animal welfare, operating on a vast area to ensure sustainability and efficiency. Its well-structured facilities, including sophisticated water systems, employee housing, and essential cattle management infrastructure, underline its commitment to top-tier ranching, further enhanced by its integration of advanced technological solutions in monitoring and managing livestock health and productivity.


  • 2,662± Deeded acres
  • 61,676 BLM Grazing Allotment
  • 64,338± Total Acres
  • Capacity to run 770± AUs
  • Corrals are complemented by a 50,000-pound scale and hydraulic squeeze chute
  • Features necessary improvements, barns, and a feedlot, enhancing its cattle-raising capabilities
  • Water distribution consists of two main parts: one section has a storage tank connected to a 6± mile pipeline feeding 5± troughs, and the other includes a storage tank linked to a 5± mile pipeline leading to 3± troughs
  • Fuel storage on the property
  • Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Owyhee desert, Trout Creek Mountains, and Santa Rosa Range
  • An exemplary cattle operation with a systematic approach to grazing and animal welfare, operating on a vast area to ensure sustainability and efficiency
  • Co-listed with Clay Nannini | 42 North Land Co. | (208) 539-7162 | clay@42northlandco.com
  • Learn more about this property, its investment potential and information about the area in the Property Brochure.

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