11,920± Deeded Acres | 250,000± Permitted Acres | 261,920± Total Acres

Headquartered in the Northern reaches of the Great Basin near the border town of McDermitt, Nevada, is the Lucky 7 Ranch. A fully functioning ranch that boasts all the efficiencies expected of a high desert outfit spanning over nearly a quarter a million acres with elevations ranging from 4,400 ft at the meadows of the headquarters to 8,000 ft at the high points of the summer country.

Lucky 7 is a cattle ranch to the truest form. With the capacity to run 3,360 AUs± efficiently, Lucky 7 transforms its native grass into a high-quality protein through its reputation calf crop year after year. With decades of careful management, it has been an industry leader and will continue that trend by economically running cows and calves and by capitalizing on the economies of scale offered by its geographical location and size.

Still, as dependent upon the strong minds and work ethic of cowboys, their horses, and dogs, this ranch is worked as it has been for decades. The Owyhee desert, Trout Creek Mountains, and Santa Rosa Range paint the high desert landscape. The cowboys who continue to work the land are reminded of those who came before them, creating a sense of pride and belonging, resulting in a culture that contributes to the long run of success.

Lucky 7 has a healthy working relationship with the Bureau of Land Management and its neighbors, working together to uphold, sustain and improve the health and value of the land and its production.

Being headquartered in Nevada, this operation can take advantage of Nevada’s favorable tax structure. Other sustainable operational benefits include inexpensive feed, low (per animal unit) operating costs, abundant water, well-appointed range improvements, and ranch amenities. The outside country of the Lucky 7 has over 30 fenced and well-watered pastures, lush meadows, and pivot irrigated hay fields. The rare opportunity to own one of the few large-scale ranches left in our country is yours for the taking.


  • 11,920± Deeded Acres | 250,000± Permitted Acres | 261,920± Total Acres
  • Headquartered in the Northern reaches of the Great Basin
  • Fully functioning cattle ranch
  • Capacity to run 3,360 AUs efficiently
  • The Owyhee Desert, Trout Creek Mountains and Santa Rosa Range paint the high desert landscape
  • Favorable Nevada tax structure
  • Inexpensive feed
  • Low per animal unit operating costs
  • Abundant water
  • Well appointed range improvements and ranch amenities
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