Kevin Stowe

Kevin Stowe

Ranch Sales
Licensed in: WY

After a long and distinguished career as a corporate and independent landman in the oil, gas and mining industries throughout the Western United States, Kevin recently decided to utilize his talents in the Wyoming real estate industry. For the last 10 years, his focus has been on representing companies and landowners, both large and small, in mineral title determinations, lease acquisitions, surface access agreements and infrastructure planning to maximize profit potentials while minimizing environmental impacts related to development activities in Wyoming. Those challenges have helped to hone Kevin’s skills as a listener, communicator, negotiator and project manager to achieve fair and profitable results for his clients.

Growing up on the productive family farm/ranch in Wyoming taught Kevin the values of quality workmanship, the satisfaction derived from accomplishing the task at hand and the meaning of a handshake promise. An avid outdoorsman throughout his life, Kevin has always kept the management of the lands, wildlife, waters and environmental stewardship at the forefront of his goals. He has earned the unique opportunities to sit at the rancher’s table and directly, honestly negotiate agreements that provided the landowner with a way to maximize both profits and potential from the land their families call home. Exploring the various available opportunities to add economic value to the land has been the hallmark of Kevin’s 35-year career in fulfilling and protecting each family’s western heritage.

Over the years, especially in the last decade, Kevin has been approached by many ranchers who were not quite sure what the viability of carrying on the family ranch looked like. Sometimes there is no one to carry forward the day to day activities. The children of many ranch families may have chosen to live in another area and prefer a different kind of life. This change of circumstances requires a trusted individual to help navigate the unknowns. He came to realize that his talents were unique in that he could help them evaluate not only what was above the surface but also the mineral values below the surface as well.

Kevin has represented and negotiated more than $1B in oil and gas transactions throughout the Rocky Mountain region on behalf of his clients. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Energy Management from the University of Oklahoma (1984). Kevin also achieved the status of a Certified Professional Landman in 1990 from the American Association of Professional Landman (AAPL). Throughout his career in the energy business, including locations such as Denver, Dallas, Bakersfield and Midland, he has held many elected positions in the local chapters, including President in the Wyoming Association of Professional Landman, and has served on numerous committees in the national association.  He has worked with numerous Federal, State and County land managers, Landowner-Ranchers and those who represent them – Attorneys, trust managers, private equity fund managers and CPAs. His goal has always been to provide a win-win scenario for his clients whether they were the energy developers or the land or mineral owners.

Kevin and his wife Carol are fortunate to be able to spend time in Wyoming, Colorado (with their three adult children), and Utah for work and play. Kevin’s grandfather, a long-time Wyoming Rancher was a great example of someone who demonstrated the “The Code of the West” values in his day to day life. Throughout his career, Kevin has tried to emulate that example to honor his Wyoming heritage. A result has been many hours spent behind the steering wheel of a CASE-IH tractor, following a GPS line across the fields. Kevin’s time on the tractor is a way to re-experience special memories of precious time spent as a youth with his grandfather on the ranch.

Today, when he is not negotiating for a client, you may find him enjoying his passions of fly-fishing on back-country streams, hiking distant snow-capped peaks, or out on the mountain roads riding his favorite Specialized Roubaix bicycle. Kevin and Carol reside in Casper, Wyoming and Loveland, Colorado or anywhere in the Mountain West!