Ken Bentz

Ken Bentz

Principal Broker

Ken Bentz is a 3rd generation rancher born and raised in Eastern Oregon on the family ranches, 45 miles east of Burns. He obtained his formal education from Oregon State University graduating with a Business degree and then a MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno. He began his real estate career while in Reno and continued when he and his young family moved back to Oregon in 1994. Ken and his wife Debbie have raised their three children on Crow Camp Ranch, a historic SE Oregon cattle ranch. They continue to operate the ranch along with other leased properties. He has spent his life with the land, cattle and working in every aspect of western cattle ranching. His extensive experience with the daily requirements of ranch operations as well as the 20+ years of ranch brokerage affords him a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the business.

Ken’s real estate work has included commercial and residential property but it never was a very good fit. His focus for the last 18 years has been exclusively ranch properties. He has a passion for preserving open space; promoting thoughtful land stewardship and helping people realize dreams while making wise investments. Using a straightforward, practical approach, Ken can make the complicated, sometimes confusing process of agricultural investing move smoothly from start to finish. A competent, professional representing a client’s interest removes much of the uncertainty in any transaction.

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“Life is a timed event, so live accordingly”, with this thought in mind, Ken spends his time with what he loves; family, land and livestock. Ranching and real estate both afford many opportunities to be with all three, often at once. Whether horseback roping calves with the kids, camping on a ranch while doing due diligence for a listing or helping a new owner sort the cattle for the first time, each day is to be looked forward to. If you find what you enjoy, you will never work another day.