Gregory W. Fay

Gregory W. Fay

Founder, Broker

Greg Fay is a pioneer in the land brokerage industry.  When Greg founded Fay Ranches in 1992, it was initially called Fay Fly Fishing Properties.  Greg was the first to assign value to the recreational amenities of large agricultural ranches.  He began marketing ranches on a national and international basis to a new audience in the hopes that there were buyers who would also place a subjective value on the quality of the trout fishing or elk hunting on a given ranch.  This was a paradigm shift in the market.  Prior to Greg’s new approach, the value of a ranch in Montana was based primarily on its agricultural production.

Since 1992, Greg has transacted many millions of dollars in farms, ranches, and sporting properties and has successfully executed some of the most significant land sales and acquisitions in the Rocky Mountains.  With the support of his family and the help of many wonderful people along the way, Fay Ranches has grown to be the leading land brokerage in the United States, representing some of the finest land assets from Oregon to Florida.  Fay continues to lead the industry in the sale of sporting ranches but has also expanded its marketing to reflect the value drivers of land in the different regions of the US, including vineyards, timber, farms, and production ranches, in addition to hunting and fishing.

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Greg has also been an owner and manager of a productive farm/ranch on the Ruby River in Madison County, Montana since 1995 and has been intimately involved in the enhancement of a multitude of ranches over the years, creating ponds, wetlands, rehabilitating fish and wildlife habitat, and implementing sustainable agricultural programs. This combination of interests has provided Greg with a wealth of knowledge relative to the marriage of recreation and agricultural production, and he enjoys sharing this knowledge with his clients.  Developing and enhancing water features, wildlife habitat, and agricultural production can all increase both the market value and the owners’ enjoyment of the ranch.

Greg graduated in 1984 from the University of Colorado with a degree in English Literature and has been a full-time real estate broker since 1986. In his over 30-year career, Greg has built a reputation of being direct and honest with a wealth of knowledge in the land investment arena.

The youngest of seven children, Greg was raised in an entrepreneurial family in which a strong work ethic and integrity were combined with an importance placed on doing something you enjoy. Greg has been very successful in fulfilling this family creed.

An avid outdoorsman all his life, Greg has pursued his passion for fly angling in both fresh and saltwater and has enjoyed upland bird hunting and big game hunting for many years. His interest in fishing and conservation led Greg to join the board of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, a fisheries conservation organization dedicated to understanding and improving habitat for these saltwater gamefish through science.

Greg is happily married and lives with his wife, their two sons, and their Llewellin Setter bird dogs in Bozeman, MT.